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    Burberry Transformed Its Flagship Store in London

    Burberry has completely reimagined their flagship store at at 121 Regent Street in London. The store’s redesign coincides with Riccardo Tisci’s first collection for Burberry. The new look was masterminded by Tisci himself. Each room of the store is design differently, paying homage to a different period of Burberry’s history. Inspiration was drawn from the […]

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    Deidre Downs
    A North Carolina couple rescheduled their wedding after Hurricane Florence — and donated their flowers to cancer patients

    With all of the time and effort that go into wedding planning, having to reschedule the big day might sound like many engaged couples’ worst nightmare. But when Amber and Chris of Concord, N.C., had to postpone their wedding — thanks to Hurricane Florence — helping other people was the first thing on their minds. Rescheduling […]

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    blood pressure, heart health, hypertension
    How each Myers-Briggs type makes major life decisions

    Every person has a different way of making major decisions. One person may take the logical, tactical approach, while another may hem and haw, crowdsourcing the most critical aspects of their life. How you make decisions ultimately depends on your personality. As for how you should think about decision-making, your Myers-Briggs personality type holds some […]

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    Lucy Hale
    Lucy Hale Shared a Picture of Herself Getting an LED Facial

    I was thumbing through my Instagram stories on Friday morning, and stopped dead in my tracks when I got to Lucy Hale‘s content. The brown-haired Pretty Little Liar had posted a selfie in which she looked like a glowing robot with zero explanation of what was going on. Obviously, I had to know more. Turns […]

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    Makeup,Eyes,mascara,lash extensions
    This Sunburn-Inspired Eye Makeup Is the Only Sunburn We’ll Ever Be OK With

    You may have noticed we’re a little fanatical about our SPF here at Allure. (Rightfully so — skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer despite the fact that it’s so preventable.) But lo and behold, there’s one “sunburn” we’re actually kind of into thanks to this eye-makeup look that’s weirdly awesome. Terry Barber, […]

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    Nail Colors
    6 Fall Nail Colors That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

    One of the hardest parts of accepting that it’s finally fall is giving up the bright, punchy orange and neon pink nail polishes of summer. All those eye-catching shades rotate to the back of the medicine cabinet, while the blood reds and cool blues move to the top-shelf spot. But if you think you’re going […]

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    Sleep Bralette
    Sleep Deprivation Is More Dangerous Than We Thought, Studies Show

    From ELLE If, like us, your brain decides bedtime is the perfect moment to bombard your head with all of your work, relationship and finance worries, it might be time for you to address the effect your lack of sleep is having on your health. And no, we’re not talking about those panda-like bags under […]

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    Playboy model Shauna Sexton denies drinking with Ben Affleck during fling

    Playboy model Shauna Sexton got candid about her recent fling with Ben Affleck and denied drinking with him in a series of comments on an Instagram post. After a user posted a comment blaming the 22-year-old for Affleck’s recent trip to rehab, citing Sexton’s past brushes with the law over booze, she fired back, writing: “It’s even […]

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    21 Best Back To School Sales That Will Save You Major $$$

    From Seventeen Pro tip: if you call it “back to school shopping” you can buy guilt-free allll summer long. 😉 Here are all the very best sales, deals, and bargains going on from now until September. Start shopping ASAP, so you’ll be set when that first bell rings. PS: Don’t forget to use these student […]

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    Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice Latte fanatics, explained

    We’re technically still in the thick of summer, but Starbucks has brought its fall favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, back early, on Tuesday. And people are completely freaking out about it online, with #PumpkinSpiceLatte trending on Twitter since early morning and Instagram flooded with snapshots of people posing with their coveted beverages. So what gives? […]