• Beauty
    There’s 50% off this cult Anastasia Beverly Hills palette right now

    Thought you didn’t need another highlighting palette? Think again, because we’ve just found a cult Anastasia Beverly Hills hero with a ridiculous 50% discount. Thanks to the make-up gods (or, you know, Feel Unique), you can snap up ABH’s insanely good Dream Glow palette for the grand total of £23 – that’s half off. And […]

  • Style
    I Paint My Nails Twice a Week—Here Are 9 Products I’m Actually in Love With

    I might be the only person in this world who actually prefers painting my own nails to getting a professional manicure. (Maybe my mom dropped me on my head when I was a baby? I honestly don’t know.) Of course, I never, ever refuse a professional paint job—I’m not crazy—there’s just something incredibly self-placating about the […]

  • Beauty
    Anne Hathaway Got a Shag Cut Just in Time for Summer

    Ever since growing out her pixie cut several years ago, Anne Hathaway has strictly kept her chocolate locks just below shoulder level (mainly styled in ladylike curls). That is, until now. On Saturday, Hathaway’s hair stylist Adir Abergel shared a photo of the actress rocking a brand new shag style. “New cut. New vibes. @annehathaway […]

  • Beauty
    How to Layer Your Skin-Care Products in the Correct Order

    Instead of just slapping on five creams — then washing your face because, seriously, that stuff is heavy — follow the lead of the pros. 1. Start light. Serums — the thinnest products — go first, because a) that just makes sense and b) “they deliver active ingredients into the skin most efficiently,” says Ranella […]

  • Health
    Kombucha health benefits: Here’s what science says

    Coconut oil, acaí berries, kimchi, matcha, spelt: All are trendy health foods that are actually not new at all — just like kombucha, the hotter-than-ever fermented-tea beverage with a truly ancient history. “It’s a tradition that dates back more than 2000 years,” Dr. William Li, author of Eat to Beat Disease, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Kombucha, a fizzy […]

  • Health
    Wait, So Those Pimples On My Butt Aren’t Actually Pimples?

    Talk about a (literal) pain in the you-know-what-butt acne is anything but cute and can seriously get in the way of your summertime activities. Even more annoying: “Buttne” isn’t the same as the pimples that pop up on your face, making this type of acne tough to treat, even if you’ve figured out how to […]

  • Style
    Kendall Jenner
    Kendall Jenner’s New Manicure Makes Cow-Print Nails an Official Trend

    They say three makes a trend, but when it comes to celebrity influence, two is more than enough. Such is the case with the latest animal-inspired nail trend that started building steam on social media at the end of 2018 and has now seen two of the most-followed famous faces — and by extension, hands […]

  • Health
    California company recalls avocados as precaution against listeria: Is your fruit safe?

    A major avocado producer announced a voluntary recall of the pear-shaped fruit because of the potential that the California-grown whole avocados could be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes. California-based Henry Avocado Corp. says it has taken this step out of “an abundance of caution” based on positive test results on environmental samples taken during a routine […]