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    The Fastest Weight Loss Methods — That Actually Work

    When it comes to losing weight, everyone wants to shed pounds as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, speedy weight loss methods are not very effective. You either lose a ton of weight in a very unhealthy manner, or you end up gaining all that weight back almost as quickly as you lost it. You have to […]

  • Fashion
    Meet the man behind New York Fashion Week’s $7 million ‘pop-up’ show

    I meet Philipp Plein 45 minutes after our interview is supposed to begin. I pass the time by becoming acquainted with his $13.5 million upper East Side townhouse, where I’m waiting, which is replete with an 18-chandelier room and an obscene amount of Italian marble. By now, I’m used to waiting for Plein. The German […]

  • Celeb Style
    ASOS models wear fake baby bumps, and social media is confused

    Parenting blogger Louise Pentland noticed something strange about ASOS’s maternity-wear models — the “expecting” models were actually wearing fake bumps. Questioning the online retailer on Twitter, Pentland wrote: “Dear @ASOS, why do you use models with weird fake bumps instead of pregnant models? I’m sure some are pregnant but a lot are fake :(.” Dear […]

  • Beauty
    These Acne-Fighting Face Masks Will Change Your Skin

    When you’re a teenager dealing with your first (or fiftieth) breakout, the plan of attack tends to be pretty straightforward. Squeeze out a generous dollop of drugstore spot treatment each night, bleach some pillowcases, and hope for the best. Rinse, repeat. Acne is never fun, but at least when you’re under the age of 25, […]

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    Most People Don’t Know the Healthiest Ways to Cook These Foods

    Do you know the healthiest ways to cook the foods in your pantry and fridge? Most people don’t. Typically, the quickest, easiest, and tastiest way to enjoy food is to fry it. Even though you already know fried food isn’t good for you, there’s an easy way to cut back: Learn which foods are best […]

  • Health
    New Study Says Doctor Bias Is a Big Reason Why More Women Are Getting This Surgery

    In recent years, research has found that more and more women are opting for a double mastectomy. Now, a study published in JAMA Surgery finds that the reason behind this increase is driven in part by the surgeons performing the procedure—even if it’s not medically necessary. With many other treatment options available, doctors generally discourage women at average […]

  • Style
    Here's How To Spot A Fake KKW Beauty Product
    Here’s How To Spot A Fake KKW Beauty Product

    Will the real KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kit please stand up? It was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian West’s namesake beauty brand was replicated and sold on the internet. And, while it might be tempting to buy a product marked half-off on a website, shopping the “gray market” can be […]

  • Beauty
    Microshading Is The Perfect Brow Option For Those With Sensitive Skin

    If you have sparse or light-colored brows (hi, that’s me), you’ve probably at least been intrigued by the modern version of permanently inking your arches: microblading. But if you have sensitive skin (also me), you might be hesitant to pull the trigger. Meet the brow technique’s softer, gentler little sister, microshading. Traditionally, microblading is done […]