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The Best Photos Of Bold, Beautiful Braid Inspiration

Solange Knowles’ bohemian box braids are purposefully loose, but still retain a sense of streamlined elegance.

The classic pigtail style is the coolest way to showcase ombré color.

“I gave Olivia Palermo this hairstyle during NYFW. We both love braids, so we always have fun doing them. I combined five separate fishtail braids into one hairstyle. Four braids on the side and one down the middle to complete this look.” — Lacy Redway, celebrity hairstylist

“This punk-rock urban braid with Bantu knots running along the top of the head makes for an interesting street style moment, whilst still being really wearable.” — Vernon François, celebrity hairstylist

“I like this [style] because it’s simple and looks good on everyone. Because the braids are pulled back, it really shows off the face. [Zendaya and I] snapped this photo in November, and it’s really trendy now.
“After cleansing, wet down the hair with my Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Liquid Curl Enhancer, and then apply a curl cream. Next, part the hair down the center and braid each section back. Try to start at the same place and keep the braids the same size. Secure with a clip or elastic on the ends. For extra finish, use a gel or pomade and a brush to keep baby hairs in place.” — Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist
“A great way to frame your face is to use a small braid to pull hair back and away from your face, like this braid I created on Emily Blunt.” — Sarah Potempa

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