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The Best Summer Shorts in Every Style

From denim cut-offs to high-waisted, work-appropriate options.

Shopping for shorts, at least for me, is more of a chore than a pleasure. I’m someone who falls firmly into the camp of “pants people” rather than “shorts people.”

More than a preference for keeping my legs covered, I think the shorts aversion comes more from the fact that a lot of the options out there are just unflattering and uncomfortable. They basically take the parts of jeans where everything can go wrong — butt, crotch, thighs, and waist — and magnify any issues you’ve got going on in that area, since your hips and thighs are where the materials starts and ends.

That said, comfortable, cute shorts do exist, and not just in one style. To that end, we’ve pulled up the best options for a bunch of different categories, from summer classics like cut-offs and cuffed denim shorts to more trendy options like wide-leg culottes and blouse-y, printed shorts. And since we don’t all have the same budget, we’ve included two price ranges for each. Check them all out below!

polka dot shorts
Zara Flowing Shorts, $26
Printed shorts
APC Soho Shorts, $177
cuffed levi’s shorts
current / elliott boyfriend denim shorts
Current / Elliott The Boyfriend Denim Shorts, $180
Striped shorts
Black shorts with buttons on the front
Farrow Tap Shorts, $48
Albus Lumen Mali Linen Shorts, $218
cut-off shorts on a hanger
Bailey Rae & Co. Cut-Off Shorts, from $29 (via Etsy)
denim cut-offs
Madewell Offline Short, $25
silky running shorts
Need Leisure Shorts, $120
khaki high-wasted shorts with a belt
Caron Callahan Dover Short, $290 ( black currently $166)
Zara Jacquard Skort, $20

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