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A Husband Made a Lego Dress Out of 12,000 Pieces, and the Result Is NUTS

If you think you’ve seen the biggest Lego fan ever, think again. A very talented husband and devotee of Legos made a dress and purse out of a whopping 12,000 pieces. The mastermind behind the two creations is Brian D’Agostine, also knows as Dag’s Bricks in the Lego community. He created the “Little Black Dress” for Bricks Cascade, a yearly Lego convention and exposition. At this event, adult fans of Legos (AFoL) came together to show their own creations as well as build fun, unique Lego objects. For D’Agostine, it meant using 12,000 pieces to make an epic two-part dress. As D’Agostine strolled around the event with his wife, they were constantly asked if it was actually Legos – and if it was comfortable (the verdict is that it’s “relatively” comfortable). Their most popular fans were teen girls, older women, and a few men who were extremely courteous. “Many of the guys were reasonable enough to ask first before snapping photos or feeling the dress,” D’Agostine said. To top it all, D’Agostine made a Lego bow tie, belt, and glasses to match. For now, the two don’t have any plans to show off the dress nationally. It might appear in a local shop and Lego store, but no other requests have been made. Check out the photos of the dress and bow tie ensemble – they’ll astound you.

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