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The St. Ives Product America Wanted Is Finally Here

Growing up in my household, the words “St. Ives” and “facial scrub” were practically synonymous (the classic apricot offering was irreplaceable), but it seems my family wasn’t the only one to think that way, as the go-to exfoliation brand gears up to introduce its first-ever limited-edition product 62 years after its inception in 1955. Voted on during the brand’s crowdsourcing #NEXTTOPSCRUB campaign (the five-week contest invited consumers to be part of the innovation process for the first time by helping select the next face scrub to hit the market), the Rise & Shine Energize Coconut & Coffee Face Scrub ($4) rolls out exclusively at Target stores next month, and it is absolutely worth the wait.

Tapping the original Apricot Scrub for its skin-loving benefits, then adding the energizing and summer-friendly ingredients (and scents!) of coconut and coffee, this addition to the lineup is sure to please. As repeat customers of the original scrubs know, a dime-size amount of the formula is all you need for deeply exfoliated, clean skin, but this new-and-improved version uses updated ingredients (walnut shell powder acts as a 100-percent natural exfoliant, while pure coconut fruit extract works to repair damaged skin) to keep skin soft, glowing and ready to go makeup-free. The scrub hits Target exclusively on July 9 and will stay until September 31, so act fast and stock up—you and your skin won’t want to miss or run out of this one.

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