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Yep, avocado Oreos exist but you can’t have any

Well, the inevitable has finally happened: avocado Oreos are here. With all the drama swirling about avocados lately (who knew we’d be talking about mortgages in terms of fruit in 2017) and Oreos’ viral #MyOreoCreation contest, it was only a matter of time before someone decided this pairing needs to happen. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you really wanted an avocado Oreo), the quantity of this flavor is so limited that only one bag was created, as has been Oreos’ recent strategy with the contest. If Oreo really digs one of the ideas they receive but it’s not exactly right for mass market, the company will send a single bag of the creation to the person who suggested it.

So while the avocado Oreo won’t make it to grocery store shelves, somewhere out there is a person who came up with and is now enjoying a bag of them, Grub Street reports. Other whacky flavors that have received the honor of actually being made are kettle corn, cherry cola, and unicorn. Why anyone would want any of those things on an Oreo is a bit confusing, but the fun of coming up with strange Oreos is clear, and many people are hopping on the bandwagon, hoping to score a bag of their own ideas.

Some of the ideas actually sound really delicious. Like cafe con leche, honey truffle, mudslide, and flan.

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Anyone with a cool, creative Oreo idea should jump in on the action, since apparently just about anything goes. Yep—even avocado.

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