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How to Pull Off Spring’s Glossy Eyelids Trend and Not Look Sweaty

With a new season comes fun and exciting spring makeup trends to try. While pastel matte lips always make a comeback at this time of year, giving a gorgeous swipe of gloss to your eyelids is the next best thing to add to your beauty inspiration board.

Yes, gloss is traditionally worn on the lips, but makeup artists have made wearing glossy eyelids officially a thing — a very cool thing that’s here to stay!

One makeup artist who deserves major kudos for the rise of the glossy-eye trend is Katie Jane Hughes. If you scroll down her Instagram feed, there are glossy looks galore that boast thousands of likes from her followers — and lots of loving comments.

“I love that they are super fashion-forward; it’s like a catwalk-wearable trend. I also love how the look takes a shape of its own, making it super unique to anyone’s eye that wears it,” Hughes tells Yahoo Beauty about her obsession with glossy eyelids.


Hughes recently released a makeup tutorial, which highlights exactly how to get a glossy eye look that’s completely wearable and easy to achieve. In the video titled “Peach Jelly,” she pairs soft nude lips with peach eyeshadow that is amplified with a gloss overlay.

After buffing out her complexion with perfecting products, Hughes proceeds to execute her peach glossy eyelids and break down how the magic happens.

Using an eye shadow brush, starting from the center of her lids, she uses delicate, sweeping motions to brush on a saturated peach color down to the lower half of her eyelid. Hughes adds eyelash primer to her top and bottom lashes before applying black mascara for an elongated, Twiggy-like effect.

One of the last and most important steps for Hughes’s glossy lides requires placing a pea-sized amount of balm on both her ring fingers. She lightly presses the fingers together to make the gloss tackier, and then proceeds to gently press her fingers on top of her eyeshadow from her lash line up to the crease of each eye. To intensify the sheen, she smoothed on MAC Clear Lipglass.

In addition to the products Hughes mentions in her how-to video, she also loves Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream. “It is a cult product used for eyes to gloss by loads of makeup people,” she says. The beauty guru is a fan of Glossier Lip Gloss too. “It’s not sticky, but it’s super shiny,” Hughes explains. To really amplify the glossy eye look, she also recommends adding a pearl-reflecting pigment, such a MAC Reflects Pearl glitter.

Hughes says a little gloss goes a long way for this trend, and you shouldn’t overdo it. “You really only need a little bit on the center of your eye, as it’s gloss so it will migrate around the eye. Press on with your fingertip over a touch of concealer or just one color of eyeshadow,” she says.

She adds, “I would avoid applying too much under the lower lash. It just looks like you have been crying or have something weird going on. It can be amazing in an editorial world, but the top lid is where I would stay most.”

Now go forth and wear glossy eyelids like a pro!

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