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Kristin Cavallari Gets Called Out for ‘Body Shaming’ Herself

Kristin Cavallari took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off a pair of shoes from her collection with Nordstrom. The photo featured her new Lash Split Shaft Booties, which was meant to be the focus of the shot, but when she made a witty comment about her “crazy arm,” it unfortunately drew all of the attention away.


“Feeling it until I see the pic and see my crazy arm. Maybe next time I shouldn’t lean so hard,” she captioned the photo, along with an emoji to express the lighthearted nature of her words. Of course, followers were quick to react.

Harsh commenters immediately began to shame Cavallari for seemingly shaming herself. However, the attention she put toward her awkward pose wasn’t meant to be a negative comment about her body at all. Instead, Cavallari admitted that she was pointing out the imperfection herself before others could point it out to her — something she made clear in a response to a particularly hateful comment.

Cavallari responded to some of the hateful comments. (Photo: Instagram/kristincavallari)
Cavallari responded to some of the hateful comments. (Photo: Instagram/kristincavallari)

“I didn’t say my arm looks fat, did I? No, I simply said it looks crazy (and I was joking around) because if I didn’t say it, a thousand other people would have,” Cavallari wrote. “If you took it as I was being critical of myself, then that’s on you. I was in no way putting myself down nor am I upset about it in the slightest (obviously I posted it). How you interpret my words has nothing to do with me or what I actually meant.”

Further comments taking Cavallari’s caption the wrong way even claimed that she was a poor example for young children after her words were interpreted to be self-critical.

“What I said was very tongue in cheek … hence the [emoji]. Everyone needs to relax and have a sense of humor. I never once said I think my arm looks fat,” she said. “And sorry, I actually do think I am a good example for young women. I would never put someone else down over the internet for starters…”

Cavallari is no stranger to body shamers online. She’s actually had to shut some down who negatively commented on the appearance of her husband, Jay Cutler, in one photo.


Luckily, in response to Cavallari’s own comments on Wednesday, many people started showing their support.

“I read your caption and chuckled,” one fan wrote. “I think you’re hilarious and love when you get to be yourself. But of course someone always has something to say, which then makes it hard to be yourself. So you keep doing you!! There will always be someone to complain or take things seriously/personally.”

Another agreed to the sentiment that when you’re a person in the spotlight and putting photos online, you can’t always beat the haters.

“If you caption was talking about how amazing your arm looked people would still have something negative to say. People just love to complain and put others down regardless. You look fabulous, darling!”

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