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Why More Men Are Wearing Makeup to Their Weddings

By Macaela Mackenzie. Photo by: Getty Images.

Wedding beauty is the stuff of obsession — enough to build a whole industry upon the procedures and products women will get to look flawless for their big day. But beauty treatments aren’t just for the bride anymore; in 2017, men want in on the bridal beauty routine, too. Here comes the makeup-wearing groom.

According to a report from the New York Post, beauty treatments and makeup for grooms is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the wedding industry — think spa packages for groomsmen and bridal makeup sessions that include touchups for the soon-to-be hubs. Makeup artist T. Cooper, co-partner of NYC’s Metro Look beauty company, who’s done everything from groomsmen facials, to mani-pedis, to foundation coverage, says makeup for grooms has been a growing part of her business in the last two years. She told the NY Post, “It’s a nice thing for them to do to feel special, too.”

And the guys are into it. There’s a reason wedding beauty is such a BFD — wanting to look your best on what will arguably be the most documented day of your life is not gender exclusive, despite what stereotypes around masculinity might try to tell you. “I definitely wanted to make sure I looked as good as I could so our photos would look amazing,” 39-year old groom Tyson Evans told the NY Post. After a pedicure, lip treatment, concealer, foundation, and Make Up For Ever HD translucent oil-free powder, he’s a convert. “It made me feel like I deserve this day,” Evans said. “I deserve to look good and feel really confident going into that ceremony.”

In 2017, makeup-wearing men don’t really seem out of the ordinary, thanks to the surging popularity of male beauty bloggers like Jeffree Star and James Charles, who’ve helped to bring beauty boys into the mainstream. But far from sticking to stereotypes, “guy’s guys” are a part of the trend too — this spring, Glam Glow named rugged male model Nick Batemanthe new face of the brand, proving the pursuit of flawless skin is for men and women alike.

Time will tell where the trend goes from here, but for now, couples are betting that the bride and groom who get glam together, stay together.

This story originally appeared on Allure.


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