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24 Reality Stars With Their Very Own Beauty Lines

Reality stars tend to get a bad rep. Detractors accuse them of being famous simply for being famous (or infamous). In many cases, that’s a legitimate complaint…but not always. Often, these actors personalities go on to do bigger and — depending on who you’re talking to — better things, like starting their own beauty companies.
In fact, plenty of ladies (and gents) from your favorite guilty-pleasure shows have reinvented themselves, choosing to become beauty entrepreneurs for their second acts. We’ve rounded up a big ol’ bunch of your favorite reality stars and their products — both past and present. Click through and check them all out. Who knows, your new favorite new line could be one click away.

Her nickname on Jersey Shore may have been Sammi “Sweetheart,” but don’t be fooled. This fiery East Coaster has a multi-faceted side, which she channeled into a beauty endeavor.

angerous, which launched in 2011, is “daring, sexy, and truly exciting (just like Sammi Sweetheart herself!),” her site reads. It includes hints of jasmine, vanilla, and honeysuckle.
She also has a Dangerous for Men cologne (For the Rahn’s in your life), as well as a newer, more citrus-based scent, Dangerous Desires.
Dangerous Dangerous Perfume For Women, $29, available at Dangerous Perfume. Sammi isn’t the only Jersey Shore cast member who got into the beauty biz after the show ended. Nicole, a.k.a. Snooki, also made some waves in the industry.

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