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The Prettiest Nail Art to Pair With Your Closet Staples

Jeans and a white t-shirt are the definition of casual cool—pulled together but not trying too hard. “Chill denim deserves a nail look as fun and laid back. A little glitter glams up your casual vibe and no one will ever guess how easy it was to just apply a sticker strip,” says Miss Pop. Paint nails with two coats Essie polish in Find Me An Oasis ($9; Once dry, cut a thin strip of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Crowd Surfer ($8; and place it on the center of your nails. You can either just use this glitter stripe as an accent nail or place them on each nail for more pizazz. Finish the look with a layer off top coat.

Every woman needs an LBD in her closet lineup. “I love the lengthening effect of this design combined with the negative space, showing a little bare nail bed. It’s a chic, simple and sexy twist on the red nail classic, perfect for an LBD,” says Miss Pop. To nail this look (pun intended), use a striper brush to create a diagonal stripe at the center of the nail. Fill in the color from the base of the cuticle up to the line with a poppy red polish (try China Glaze lacquer in Hot Flash, $8; Create a shiny finish with top coat.

A white button down and pencil skirt are evergreen work essentials. Perhaps yours is the kind of office where you may not want a nail look that’s too loud. In that case, stick to classic hues like black and white. Modifying a look she created for the Rodarte Spring 2016 show, Miss Pop came up with this look. “A crisp white blouse needs a nail look as sharp,” she explains. She suggests placing a French tip guide like a frown below the free edge of your nail tip and like a smile up from your cuticle. Use two coats of white polish (try Zoya polish in Purity, $10; for one edge and two coats of the black (like Orly Liquid Vinyl, $9; for the other edge. Peel off your guides and seal your fresh look with top coat.

It’s a good idea to take extra care of your complexion in the months leading up to any big event. After all, stress, which virtually everyone has, can be traumatic to our largest organ. A little planning and dedication, however, can get you the desired results.
“It’s important to prepare well in advance with a solid skincare regimen, as radiant, clear skin takes some work for most,” according to Dr. David Lortscher, San Diego-based dermatologist and founder of Curology. “In general, avoid products with too many ingredients, including fragrance and preservatives that can trigger irritation or allergy, and try not to experiment with new products within the last few weeks.”
In addition to sticking with specific formulas, Beverly Hills celebrity dermatologist Dr. Howard Lancer also advises making dietary changes the month before a big event: “Cut out white carbs, processed foods and excessively salty foods or snacks.” That, alongside a daily and nightly skincare regimen, “will reveal new, glowing skin by the time the day has arrived.”
So that you’re armed with the best out there, we asked Lortscher and Lancer, along with A-list go-to estheticians Vanessa Hernandez and Shani Darden to each recommend their favorites, broken down into normal, dry, acne/oily and sensitive skin types. One thing they all agree on: everyone can benefit from retinol. Go forth and glow!

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