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Newscasters All Over the Country Love This $20 Dress

If it seems that you’re seeing newscasters across the country wearing the samedress, you’re not imagining things.

On July 16, Frances Wang, an anchor with ABC10 in Sacramento, Calif., decided to have a little fun by tweeting out a chart — created by ABC10 production assistant Stephen Leonardi — showing women newscasters all over the country wearing the same budget-friendly Sidefeel $20 dress from Amazon (which is currently sold out).

Inspired by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Wang captioned the post, “Sisterhood of the @Amazon dress.”

“It’s not really a ‘traveling’ dress because everyone has their own — it’s the Amazon dress!” Wang tells Yahoo Style.

So how does a dress go viral so quickly? As it turns out, many women newscasters belong to a private Facebook group in which they share everything from fashion findsto style solutions and relationship advice. When a newscaster discovers a cute, affordable, and work-friendly dress, she’ll post it to the group, inspiring several others to buy it.

TV anchor Wang wearing the viral $20 dress in pink. (Photo: Courtesy of Frances Wang)

“Women will post a dress they find,” says Wang. “They’ll also post about cute shoesso when you have to shoot [on camera] and edit by yourself, some will ask, ‘What are some cute and comfortable shoes?’ Or some will say, ‘I was told to cut my hair. What [hairstyle] did you guys go for?’”

This isn’t the first time women newscasters across the U.S. have fallen in love with the same affordable dress. A plethora of female meteorologists have been seen sporting the $23 Homeyee color-block dress in a variety of colors.

Wang points out that newscasters don’t make as much money as people may think, and while some stations allow their newscasters to expense their on-air wardrobe, for many that cost comes directly out of their own pockets. So it’s understandable that the discovery of a flattering dress that doesn’t break the bank can quickly go viral in their industry.

“When I think of a female newscaster, in general the traditional dress is a little below the knee and tight — your typical work dress, though that depends on your market and how conservative it is,” Wang tells Yahoo Style, pointing out the appeal of the dress, which comes in yellow and pink. “With this dress, the scallops are a great appeal and it’s pleated. Also, a lot of women lack yellow in their closet, and I think yellow was just as popular, if not more so, as the pink. So many dresses are blue and red, but yellow is a hard color to find.”

Wang wearing the popular dress on-air. (Photo: Courtesy of Frances Wang)

She adds, “The dress is flirty, but still kind of innocent. I felt like a Disney princess in it.”

Wang posts many of her outfits on her Instagram and sometimes captions the images with her own hashtag, #WangsWorkWear. “So many non-newswomen have asked me where I get my clothes,” she says. “It’s a mix of Amazon, Nordstrom Rack. I’m all about a bargain.”

Clearly, she’s far from alone.

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