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5 Simple Hairstyle Changes That Make a Major Impact

Even if you’re exceedingly gifted in the hairstyling department, it’s still easy to get comfortable and stick with the same old look. We get it. You’re trying to play it safe. But, how boring is that? What about when that hairstyle grows stale? Do you just ride it out, spend tons of money for something new, or load up your Pinterest inspiration board with hairstyles you love to look at but can’t quite re-create in real life?

Instead of keeping your hair on snooze, take matters into your own hands by trying out a new style that’s so simple yet so major. Not sure where to start? Don’t fret. We enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist Nelson Vercher of the Rita Hazan Salon to help five Yahoo staffers easily update their everyday hairstyles. Scroll along to see how everything from bright bobby pins to a quick ballerina bun can give you the makeover you’ve been missing.

Jennifer Fox, senior photo editor

easy hair transformation
Jennifer updated her usual ‘do with a fun and flirty lob. (Photo: Priscilla De Castro for Yahoo)

Jennifer recently cut a few inches of her wavy brunette hair off, but she tends to stick to her normal middle-parted ‘do. To switch up her look, Vercher recommended turning up the volume and swapping in a fresh side part. Her final look is a wavy lob with an edgy touch that can be maintained with just a few steps.

Get the look:

  1. On slightly damp hair, work mousse through to help plump up strands and boost volume.
  2. Use a styling product such as Rita Hazan Triple Threat Split End Remedy to prep and protect strands by working  product through from midshaft to ends.
  3. Without sliding straight down hair shaft, use a large flat iron to slightly smooth out hair using a quick open-close plate technique from midshaft to ends. Pro tip: For tighter curls, start straightening a few inches higher up from midshaft.
  4. Finish with a blast of volumizing spray, spritzing 6 inches from the root.

Jacqueline Laurean Yates, beauty editor

easy hair transformation
A few colored bobby pins can perk up your hairstyle in an instant. (Photo: Priscilla De Castro for Yahoo)

Jacqueline tends to just throw her hair in a topknot or low ponytail once her blowout is days old. Who knew a small group of hot pink bobby pins was all her look needed to be revived and fresh. In as easy as 1-2-3, Vercher added an element of surprise to Jacqueline’s hair that’s fun and simple to do.

Get the look:

  1. Prep hair with leave-in treatment before straightening to protect strands from heat damage.
  2. Pass through hair with flat iron once to smooth any frizz and soften hair.
  3. Use a rat-tail comb to create a sweeping side part so that hair falls across the forehead.
  4. On the opposite side of part, push hair behind the ear. Pin and fan out (or create a design of your choice) with colorful bobby pins.

Cindy Arboleda, intern, Yahoo Beauty + Style

easy hair transformation
Cindy’s gorgeous voluminous curls make her hard to miss. (Photo: Priscilla De Castro for Yahoo)

Cindy’s go-to straight, ombré, laid-back look is chic, but there’s always room for experimentation. While this hairstyle is fitting on her, Vercher’s recommendation to play up her texture with voluminous curls helps Cindy stand out even more with a cute coiffure that commands attention.

Get the look:

  1. On dry hair, use leave-in treatment to prepare hair for heat application.
  2. Take random sections of hair and use a large curling iron to curl some portions forward and some backward, alternating direction as you style.
  3. Keep curls in place with a holding spray such as L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray.

Laura Kenney, managing editor, Yahoo Beauty + Style

easy hair transformation
Throw your hair up in a wispy topknot for a look that’s effortlessly chic. (Photo: Priscilla De Castro for Yahoo)

Laura is open to new ideas, and this piecey ballerina bun takes her hairstyle to new heights. Vercher gave her a completely different look that can be done in a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of 10. The final style is casual enough for lazy Sundays, but playful enough for a girls’ night out.

Get the look:

  1. On damp hair, use your hands to rake through hair with a holding product such asRene Furterer Vegetal Styling Spray Mousse to add structure.
  2. Use large brush to separate bangs down the middle and push away from the face.
  3. Pull rest of hair up near the crown of the head and twist into knot. Secure with small bobby pins.
  4. Pull small wisps of hair down around the face for added flare.

Kerry Justich, news writer, Yahoo Beauty + Style

easy hair transformation
Transform your style in an unexpected way with adorable hairline twists. (Photo: Priscilla De Castro for Yahoo)

Kerry has an amazing full head of golden strands that have a bit of a natural wave. She’s open to experimenting with new looks too, and these subtle hairline twists are a great go-to option. It’s not a challenging look to achieve and flatters most face shapes.

Get the look:

  1. Begin by applying a styling product to add shine and soften texture.
  2. Side-part hair and twist along the hairline in half-moon shape down to the nape of neck on both sides. Secure each twist with small rubber bands.
  3. Add small touches of a holding gel such as Oribe Rock Hard Gel to help slick down edges of twist.
  4. Complete the look by working a styling leave-in cream throughout hair to smooth strands and any flyaways.

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