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How to Look Awesome in Wide-Leg Pants | 8 tips for pulling off the look

It may sound like a no brainer, but this Style 101 tip is the easiest way to enhance (or fake) an hourglass silhouette. Especially if your pants are black, the contrast of a lighter top will draw the eye to your narrowest part.

OK, we’re not suggesting going full-on bralette here, but we do love the idea of a shorter, wider top that hits hit right at the top of a pair of high-rise pants. You’ll feel on-trend without showing too much off.This one’s admittedly a little harder for ladies with curvier hips, but for the middle-heavy and straighter-bodied gals out there, consider a longer top that hits mid-way down your thighs. Putting two flowy pieces together surprisingly works.

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