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Responses to a Guy Who Said ‘No Girl Over 105′ Should Wear a Bikini Are Epic

A few simple rules: Never tell a woman what to wear; never comment on a woman’s weight; and my personal slogan, never comment when a woman reaches for the bread basket. Twitter user Angel Flexcobar broke two out of three with his recent tweet about who “should” be allowed to wear a two-piece bikini. Needless to say, the tweet took off.

The comment read, “No girl over 105 should be wearing a 2 piece bathing suit lmao.” 

Women responded in the most vivid possible way, by sending Angel tweets of themselves in all their over-105 glory, looking fly in bikinis of every size. “Damn so that makes 180 way out of the picture,” clapped back one responder. “127 sorry to offend ya buddy,” wrote another. (“I forgive u,” Angel wrote back, clearly not getting the joke.)

Three cheers for bold moves by all these amateur bikini models. It takes a confident person to send a bikini photo out into the Twittersphere, and they’re all clearly ready to fight for their bodies to be respected. One potential problem — a conspiracy theory suggests that Angel was baiting women with his “opinion” in order to get them to send him bikini photos. “Julia, I love you but you only have to look at the replies to realize he said this to get hot girls sending bikini pics,” wrote @dorothymorganD. Whoops! Either these over-105 women deeply offended Angel, or just gave him enough pics to peruse for a long time.

As the saying goes, the only revenge better than sending a bikini photo is living well.

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