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5 Things That Are Making You Look More Tired

Jewelry = a Lumee but more portable. Shiny stuff dangling or hanging close to your face draws light to your features, so if you’re feeling a bit haggard, pop a Berocca and put on your biggest diamond earrings. (CZ will do just fine.)

Unless you wear them every day, people *will* assume that you are sick and/or hungover when you roll up in spectacles—UNLESS you treat them as a Gucci-esque accessory that actually adds something to the look. Better to be more dressed up if your Warby Parkers usually don’t see the light of day.

Like, wear whatever you want, but just know that ill-fitting trousers signal to the world that you’ve given up. (We’re pretty sure Gwyneth’s were an honest mistake, though.) Loose doesn’t have to equal shapeless, and a sliver of ankle is always a good idea.

Okay, how many people do you know who look this good running to the bodega IN SWEATS? This is why most of us have to try,

Want to know why tent dresses work? Because even though your middle looks like it could be shaped like a barrel, your relatively tiny limbs visually remind onlookers that, no, you’re a human woman. This tracksuit isn’t bad at all, but see how the outfit on the right has even more fabric than the one on the left but appears more put-together? Raising the hem just a few inches higher to expose more leg, a heel, and one color HTT will do that.

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