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Lady Gaga Accused of Ripping Off New Rainbow Hair Look

Only a few days short of her upcoming Joanne world tour, Lady Gaga shared a completely new hair look on Instagram, topping even the other surprising hair transformation she flaunted in June: shorter rainbow hair. While many of her loyal Little Monsters are loving the new look, others are crying foul, comparing it to that of a fellow celeb — Hayley Williams of Paramore.

It left much of social media wondering: Did Gaga straight up copy?

The 31-year-old megastar now has a vibrant mix of green, yellow, orange, and red in her hair — almost the spitting image of what Williams unveiled a few years ago. Right away, a Twitter account by the name of @Pmore_Source reposted Gaga’s new look side-by-side with Williams’s and the caption, “Lady Gaga new hair more like hayley 2014.”

The post has received over 6,000 likes and over 1,000 shares since Saturday. As far as the accusation itself goes, many people came to Gaga’s defense.

There were also others who mentioned being fans of both the looks, and how neither of them actually invented it.

It turns out that even Williams is a fan of Gaga’s new look, as she joined in on the social media feud by leaving the comment “lovin it” under the post.

Yahoo Beauty has not been able to confirm whether Gaga’s hair was copied or even inspired by Williams’s, but this much is for certain: Both women really love to get creative when it comes to hair color. Also, this is far from being one of Gaga’s first hair switch-ups, and it’s sure to not be her last.

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