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Finally, Jumpsuits That Don’t Make It Impossible to Go to the Bathroom

Thanks to Singapore-based brand Matter.

At this point, we’ve established that jumpsuits are more than a fleeting trend. You don’t need to scope trendy indie boutiques to find one; odds are your local mall is fully stocked with the piece in all kinds of shapes and styles. Retail websites have given the new staple its very own section next to more long-standing shapes, like dresses and pants.

So it seems we’re all in agreement that jumpsuits are a viable option. But there’s something else about jumpsuits most people agree on too: They are a real pain in the ass if you’resomeone who has to go to the bathroom more than once a day, which is literally everyone who might be wearing one.

Thankfully, a brand called Matter has stepped up to the plate and designed a few different versions that don’t require you to get completely undressed every time you have to pee. The idea is simple — the jumpsuits have either a four-button closure or a tie at the waist that can be undone rather than taking the whole piece off from top to bottom.

A woman ties her green jumpsuit at the waist
A woman ties her green jumpsuit at the waist
A woman seated in a green, wide-leg jumpsuit

It doesn’t hurt that Matter’s jumpsuits are pretty cute, too. Right now Matter makes two styles, both sleeveless: One is a boxy, lounge-y silhouette that looks a bit like a two-piece set, available in a blue-and-white stripe and a bold black-and-white print; the other is a slightly more feminine take on the wide-leg culotte jumpsuit, which comes in a more subtle print in green, black, or white.

It’s also worth checking out the rest of the Singapore-based brand’s collection, which includes some simple tops and dresses, accessories, and several very great styles of pants, from a high-waisted pair it calls the side-swept dhoti to a classic wide-leg. Everything is made by artisans using traditional techniques in India and Indonesia.

A blue-and-white-striped jumpsuit
A detail of the striped jumpsuit
A detail of the striped jumpsuit

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