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Beauty Vlogger With Eye Birthmark Hits Back at Shamers

Sonia Leslie is a beauty vlogger with close to 50,000 Instagram followers. She captivates her audience with her unique personal style and her funny charisma. But it’s her unconventional gaze that has now caused controversy in the social media world.

In a recent post, she shared her discontent with people questioning her eyes. She wrote, “There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with my eye please stop asking first of all it’s rude as f*** secondly mind ya business also don’t ask me how it’s rude to ask someone ‘what’s wrong’ with them lmao I don’t care if you don’t think it’s rude it’s not ur face or ur business I said what I said bye.”

Leslie tells Yahoo Beauty, “People kept asking me that question, assuming there is something wrong with me because I look different. I just wanted people to know that there are other ways to ask a question without assuming there is something wrong just because a person looks different.”

Leslie was born with a birthmark on her right eye. She asks of her followers to be more sensitive to people who might have unique qualities.

“You wouldn’t go up to a person that had one arm in real life and ask them what’s wrong with them or something like that, would you? Why should you do that to someone that looks different on the Internet?” she says.

“It’s OK to be curious, but it can be found easily on Google,” she says. “If people really felt the need to ask, they could just ask without using the word ‘wrong,’ or without assuming something happened to me. Because nothing happened except me being born.” 

To her followers who might be struggling with self-esteem issues as she has, Leslie advises, “Try not to compare yourself to others. Like I said, there’s only one you, and no one else can ever be you.”

And to the naysayers who shame her unique look? “If you don’t want to respect my feelings,” she says, “honestly, I just hit that block.”

But it seems there is actually more praise for her beauty than there is criticism.

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