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Model Behati Prinsloo Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her Post-Baby Body

It’s been a while since Behati Prinsloo has been in the limelight — whether it be on the runway for Victoria’s Secret or shooting a campaign with Juicy Couture. Since giving birth to her daughter, Dusty Rose, last September with husband and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, the 28-year-old Namibian model has taken some time off to “just live life and take this time to really be a mom and the best that I can be,” she tells Yahoo Beauty.

But now with a new partnership with luxury skin care brand SK-II, Prinsloo is ready to start working again, and she’s bringing her more than 5.1 million Instagram followers along with her.

Prinsloo is one of three influential women taking part in the #OneBottleAwayFrom campaign, where each woman documents their skin care journey while using just one bottle of theFacial Treatment Essence in preparation for a big moment. In Prinsloo’s case, it’s the anticipated return to her career.

Yahoo Beauty: What are you #OneBottleAwayFrom?

Behati Prinsloo: I am #OneBottleAwayFrom feeling amazing and having a perfect and radiant complexion. It’s such a fun campaign to be part of. I think that it’s got a little bit of a different approach than the usual campaign that I shoot. It’s fun to actually try the product for a month and really see what it does. So, it’s been a fun journey with them for sure. And I just love what kind of SK-II and this #OneBottleAway campaign stands for too. Every woman looks beautiful with confidence, and that’s kind of what they stand for. Their products give you that confidence to change your destiny for an important moment in your life. It’s miracle water.

Prinsloo is documenting her experience with the Facial Treatment Essence. (Photo: SK-II)
Prinsloo is documenting her experience with the Facial Treatment Essence. (Photo: SK-II)

How have you integrated the Facial Treatment Essence into your skin care routine?

After I wash my face, that’s kind of the first product that I use. It really goes into the skin very well, and I actually have really dry skin, so it actually helps me to keep it hydrated. I feel like it’s kind of a barrier between your skin and the hydration if you put some moisturizer over it. So I’ll wash my face, put the essence on and then the moisturizer. I’ve been using their eye cream too, which is really, really nice. I’ll do it morning and night, so twice a day.

I take care of my skin, but it’s not like an intensive process for me. So it’s kind of a fun journey to see the transformation of my skin, and showing it on social media and sharing it with my followers and everybody, it’s definitely something different for me.

How do you overcome a breakout going into a big shoot or runway show?

I do get breakouts certain times of the month; it’s very hormonal for me, so I kind of struggle with that. But I also am lucky enough to have pretty good skin. I think my biggest problem is that if I start breaking out, I pick it and then it just gets worse and worse. So that’s kind of the thing that I really have to make sure I don’t do. Then you just have to cover it up and you always kind of see if. It’s hard.

You don’t always have perfect complexion, perfect skin. But I’ve been lucky enough not to have crazy breakouts where I had to go on medicine or go to a doctor to really help me with overcoming something like that. I think it’s more just my own self-control to not pick my face and kind of taking care of it. Washing it after always taking my makeup off, and stuff like that.

You always seem to rock a pretty natural look. Any specific products you use to achieve that?

With my hair, I’m lucky enough to have the easiest hair on the planet. I wash it and let it naturally air-dry. I might put a little bit of a surf spray in it, but not too much because it tends to dry out my hair a lot. If I use any product it’s usually a dry shampoo in my roots because I get a little oily.

With my skin, if I do use makeup and I wanna keep it really natural. I tend to just use a BB cream with an sunscreen in it that just evens out my complexion and tone, and just smooths it out a little bit. I’ll curl my eyelashes, but I won’t put on any mascara really, and maybe just like a nice lip balm or even like a lip tint or something; just a little bit of color. But it’s pretty easy.

What has changed most in your self-care routine since becoming a mom?

It’s definitely changed. I used to not be a morning person. Now I am a morning person. And you just have less time for yourself, so the time that I do have to do my skin routine, I really like to take my time. That’s also why I love this Facial Treatment Essence because I think it does a lot of different things in one bottle — the hydration, the radiant skin, it also kind of tones the skin. So I like products that do multiple things because I think that there’s limited time. I used to work out at night or later in the day, and now I love working out in the morning and kind of getting it done with, and it gives me more energy.

I think those are the big things when you become a mom. You have to fit things in for yourself. Especially when I was breastfeeding too. It was like every three hours so you really didn’t have a lot of breaks in the beginning. So the breaks that you do have, you use them wisely.

Do you and your husband, Adam Levine, ever swap products?

He usually takes my face moisturizer. He’s such a guy, like he doesn’t have his own kind that he likes, he always just uses mine. And then I’ll use his deodorant if I can’t find mine. I feel like sometimes when I have a mask on, he’ll be like, “put some on me, I wanna try it.” And we’ll just lay there with our stupid masks on — it’s funny. But I think the big things are probably like facial moisturizer and deodorant.

I just think guys have a harder time doing the same thing every day. He’ll just forget, and then I’m like, “Did you use your essence?” The nagging wife. So I think it has to kind of naturally come from them, because certain guys will really get into it, and I feel like he just isn’t that type of person that religiously will use the same product. It’ll definitely be hard for me to get him to use it morning and night. He’ll be like, “I do nothing morning and night the same, like why would I?” He’ll try anything. But I think sticking to something will be harder.

What’s next for you?

I really wanted to take the time to be a mom, and these first months were so important to me, not to like rush back to work and feel like I have to be in the best shape of my life to prove something to everyone. So, I think the most exciting thing for me now is just to get back into work again. I’m really excited about the SK-II partnership and being the face of this new campaign for them, and I’ve done a few things that are going to come out. So I think it’s just like baby steps back into it.

Obviously Victoria’s Secret is always there, and that will come up again. It’s just an exciting time to kind of have this parenthood and being a mom, and now going back into work and feeling like an individual again and that I can do this. I think that’s kind of just the exciting part for me.

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