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A Man Secretly Followed His Wife on Pinterest for Years to Pick Out the Perfect Gifts for Her

By Zoe Weiner. Photos: Getty.

Pinterest may be the go-to website for wedding planning, but one New Jersey husband figured out the best-ever way to use it even after he and his bride walked down the aisle: as a tool for picking out gifts for her.

According to BuzzFeed, 29-year-old Jordan has been secretly following his wife, TyAnna, on the inspo app for the better part of their three-year relationship, and using the intel to select perfect the presents that he knows she’ll love. Talk about a dedicated gift giver.

Here’s how it all started: After Jordan “chased” TyAnna throughout college trying to get her to go out with him , his now-wife finally said “yes” to a first date on Valentine’s Day. He had no idea what to get for her, and a mutual friend suggested he create a Pinterest account to see what types of things she liked. “I had never even heard ofPinterest before,” he tells BuzzFeed.

Nevertheless, he created a generic account and figured out the basics, and has been using it to adorably spy on his wife ever since. He’s even started following accounts and boards he knows she likes to help inspire him whenever it comes time to exchange gifts. “She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small [items] or handmade…so I like to get things right the first time,” he tells BuzzFeed. Over the last three years, Pinterest has helped Jordan pick out a sapphire nose ring, lip glosses, and earrings for his bride, whom he wed in March, BuzzFeed reports.

The new frontrunner for world’s-greatest-husband kept his recon work a secret until this past Saturday, when activist Deray Mckesson asked his Twitter followers “Is Pinterest still around? I’ve never figured out what to use it for,” and Jordan was inspired to share his helpful relationship hack with the world: “I have a secret account that follows my wife’s. She has no clue how I always get her what she wants,” he wrote, to which the internet responded with a resounding “THAT IS SO CUTE” and “THAT IS SO SMART,” mostly in the form of GIFs. See all the tweets here.

Safe to say Jordan just raised the bar for a lot of husbands out there…who probably all just created their own Pinterest accounts.

This story originally appeared on Brides.

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