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Plus-Size Yogi on How Yoga Changed Her Life: ‘Anybody With a Body Can Do Yoga’

A plus-size yogi has revealed how her physical practice helped her combat insecurities and launch a career in health.

Crystal Holt was once too embarrassed to attend a yoga class.

“I didn’t want anyone else seeing my big butt bent over and in the air or boobs trying to escape my shirt,” she wrote for Mamamia.

“I would do a YouTube video class at home sometimes, but halfway through I would end up sitting on the couch just watching. I told myself, I’m paying for the gym membership; I better use it.”

Today, Holt not only nails difficult poses, but is also a yoga teacher encouraging others to come out of their shells.

“I was scrolling through Facebook one day and saw Dana Falsetti and Jessamyn Stanley, both plus-size yoga teachers breaking that stereotype and bringing yoga to all bodies.

“I thought to myself, ‘I can do this.’”

“Anyone with a body can do yoga!” she declared. “Bring your saggy boobs, flappy arms, and jiggly butts to the mat and try it out. Don’t worry about looking dumb, because everyone else is also too wrapped up in their own worries about their bodies to notice yours.”

Her message is spot-on, but the body ambassador admits the quest for self-love was no easy task. When Holt signed up to become an instructor, her body worries began creeping back.

“I signed up for my first teacher training and canceled just two days later,” he said. “I was so scared to step out of my comfort zone, into a world that I thought I didn’t belong.”

After some reflection, Holt decided she wouldn’t let negative self-talk hold her back. She signed up for a new training course, got her credentials — and the rest is history.

“Now I’m able to not just say yoga is for everyone but actually show it. Screw those social media stereotypes of what a yoga body should look like. … Actual yoga practice is not about looking like a ‘yogi’ at all; it’s about connecting the mind and body.”

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