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The very cool reason this white T-shirt is going viral

A simple white T-shirt is getting loads of social media love for inspiring self-confidence in women.

The shirt, which is sold at Feminine Funk, an online retailer, reads, “She embraced her stretch marks, fell in love with her cellulite, flaunted her rolls & gave zero f***s what anyone said and she lived happily ever after. The end.”

A photo of a plus-size model rocking the shirt was posted on the company’s Instagram page Saturday and generated a lot of positive feedback. “I’m going to the U.S. Open tomorrow and yes, my 180-pound curvy self will be sporting a bikini!” read one comment. A few wrote, “I need this shirt” and used the hashtag #bodypositive.

Feminine Funk designer Nicole Grier. (Photo: Ammala Rattanamongkhon)

The $26.99 shirt is the brainchild of company founder Nicole Grier, 37, of Fairfield, Calif., who was struck with inspiration at 1 a.m. on a Thursday night in June. “I was scrolling through Instagram and I got pissed off reading hateful comments on someone’s page,” she tells Yahoo Style. “I thought about how women are always told to ignore trolls, and I want women to love themselves.”

The slogan felt authentic to Grier, but “I almost didn’t use it because I thought it was too long and I was worried people wouldn’t read it,” she says.

Grier, a mother of three, started her company six years ago because as a self-described plus-size woman, she was tired of the societal messages women receive about their bodies. “If you search online for ‘stretch marks’ or ‘cellulite,’ the only thing that comes up are ways to get rid of it,” she says. “Are you serious? I’m a badass woman and I take pride in my body.”

Feminine Funk offers T-shirts, dresses, and tank tops with statements such as “My thighs touch because I’m a mermaid,” “I got it from my mama,” and “I’m the girl of your dreams (but with a belly)” in sizes ranging from medium to 4XL. “There’s been such a demand for smaller sizes, we’ll likely expand our sizing,” says Grier.

She adds, “There’s a lack of compassion and empathy these days. I want the slogan on this T-shirt to be a daily mantra for women.”

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