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Never Pay For Shipping Again With This Easy Tip

There’s a universal quest no smart shopper would ever deny overlooking: And that’s how can one save more money? Whether it’s from a promo code, seasonal sale, or newsletter coupon, we’re all searching for a way to spend less whenever possible. And by the time you roll around to applying said discount, the last thing you want to face at checkout is a shipping fee. Those pesky mailing costs can make it or break it — whether you didn’t meet the minimum for free shipping, or if the standard seven-business day cost is just a hair over the arbitrary amount you’re willing to dish out.

Luckily, there’s an unseen option that allows you to do away with shipping costs: in-store pick-up. Most popular retailers now give you the ability to waive shipping prices if you’re willing to take a few extra moments to collect your purchase from one of its nearby locations. To make it even easier, they’ve anticipated our lazy complaints about time constraints for physically picking an item up, so there’s usually a two week window they’ll hold onto your package(s), starting from the day you receive a notification that it’s ready (but we advise always reading the small print, just in case).

To see which of our favorite retailers are offering in-store pick-up, click ahead. Just think: Those saved shipping dollars can go right back into your wallets to fund your future shopping sprees.

Waiting for a package doesn’t provide the same anticipation it used to. With instant delivery for just about everything else, it’s about time we can bypass the sometimes laborious process of shopping in-person, and just pick-up what we’ve pre-selected. Anthropologie’s in-store pick-up is often faster than its ordinary shipping options. Just wait for a confirmation that your order is ready and voila!

Tracy Reese, $298, available at Anthropologie

Forever 21
There’s a Forever 21 at just about every mall in existence, meaning you won’t have to go all too far to drop by a store for a pick-up. Note: Orders take around five to seven business days to get to the store.

Forever 21, $19.9, available at Forever 21

Who doesn’t use this beloved retailer? For frequent purchasers, hold onto that shipping money for something else, and go with a store delivery instead.

Topshop, $180, available at Nordstrom

Imagine you could save even more on J.Crew’s mega sales than you already do. With the retailer’s in-store pick up, that’s entirely possible. J.Crew’s site claims that while orders are typically delivered to your selected within four to seven business days, “some orders may be available even sooner (as early as same day) if all of your items are already available in your selected store.” Hello, instant gratification.

J.Crew, $98, available at J.Crew

Not to be forgotten, J.Crew’s sister site, Madewell, offers similar in-store pick-up perks.

Madewell, $135, available at Madewell

Bloomingdales’ store delivery service is available at every location (shout-out to those in a less metropolitan location). Even better, you can get same-day pick-up for any items that are already in-store.

Elizabeth and James, $225, available at Bloomingdale’s

All you need for Zara’s in-store pick up process is a credit card and a cell phone. If you choose to have your order sent to the closest location near you, you’ll receive a text message as soon as it’s ready for pick-up.

Zara, $15.9, available at Zara

Urban Outfitters
When shopping at UO, it’s best to double-check the items you’re eyeing are applicable for their in-store pick up, which you can easily do on each item’s product page.

Baggu, $84, available at Urban Outfitters

Abercrombie & Fitch
It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Pro-tip: Selecting the option to pick up your A&F purchase in-store is faster than the regular shipping options.

Abercrombie & Fitch, $58, available at Abercrombie & Fitch

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Uniqlo, select in-store pick up at check out. Domestically, the option is available at select Uniqlo stores in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

Uniqlo, $29.9, available at Uniqlo

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