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Would you let an app determine your ‘perfect’ jeans?

YouTube star Safiya Nygaard is testing yet another unique method of outfitting herself — except this time it involves technology rather than strangers. With the appLikeAGlove, Nygaard documented the process of finding the “perfect” pair of jeans, involving the use of smart leggings that measure a user’s shape at four points along the waist and hips.

How the LikeAGlove app works.
How the app works. (Photo: LikeAGlove)

The Smart Garment creates a Bluetooth connection with your device where the app lives, and with just one click of a button, begins recording numerous measurements. Within five seconds, the LikeAGlove app will have completed the measurement process and matched you with a number of jeans. Each pair has a rating out of five stars, which indicates the compatibility of an individual’s shape and size with a particular brand and style.

The list of cataloged denim brands.
The list of cataloged denim brands. (Photo: LikeAGlove)

Although other users who have tried the app have come up with a wide range of denim ranked from one to five stars, Nygaard was provided with an overwhelming number of five-star matches. But not all of them seemed to be five-star quality.

“There weren’t any glaring issues with any of them, like I could wear these jeans and be pretty comfortable, but were they perfect? No,” Nygaard said in her video.

The app does seem to offer a good solution to the usual struggle of finding the right fit among different brands and styles of jeans. But the video invites the question “Is it worth trying yourself?”

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