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Victoria Beckham Seeks Legal Advice Over Ad Depicting Her As Anorexic

Victoria Beckham is seeking legal advice after learning recently of a British takeout restaurant using her cartoon likeness in advertisements.

Sidhu’s Golden Fish and Chips in Wallsend, England depicted the designer in an emaciated form wearing nothing more than a bikini and sash that reads “Anorexic Fashion Icon.” The controversial ad also compares her slender build to their thin crust pizza named after the former Spice Girl.

“It is highly inappropriate to trivialize such a disorder and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way,” said a spokesperson for Beckham. “Therefore we are seeing legal advice.”

While the advertisements, which are displayed on the company’s delivery vans, have reportedly been in place for nearly three years, Beckham’s camp was first made aware of them on Monday but no legal action has yet been filed.

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