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Fifty Percent of Married Couples Have This One Common Argument on Vacation

Romantic getaways can quickly turn into stressful situations when work enters the picture, according to a new survey by Korn Ferry. The advisory firm released a study this summer about what causes disagreements between couples on vacation (honeymoons and anniversary trips included!) and the overwhelming majority of married pairs hit snags over work—namely, because, they’re too attached.

According to the statistics, 88 percent of those surveyed said they have had to cancel or cut a vacation short because of work, and those couples who do manage to jet off to some distant, sunny locale often find themselves unable to detach from work emails and other obligations.

Though the reasons why honeymooners tend to check in with the office varies, one overwhelming cause is because employees feel responsible for “putting out fires and getting pulled into critical issues.” (Fifty-three percent of those surveyed noted this as a reason for their technological attachment).

Another reason is perhaps a little harder to parse out: one quarter of respondents said they work during vacations because they “enjoy the work”—which is great and all, but perhaps not best for romance.

Interestingly enough, a majority of those surveyed (74 percent) said they would take the same amount of time off even if they were given unlimited vacation time, and 12 percent said they might take even less time!

“Technology has made it easy for professionals and executives to sneak in a quick check-in with the office,” Mark Royal, Senior Principal of the Korn Ferry Hay Group said. “How many of us have seen parents standing in an amusement park line reading their email instead of connecting with their kids and spouse? Taking time to make the break from work and enjoy experiences with friends and family makes for professionals who are healthier, happier and more engaged upon their return.”

One way to make sure to spend as much time offline and IRL as possible while on a vacation is to allot a set amount of time for checking work emails each day, possibly no more than 15 minutes at a time. (An out-of-office on your email will help tons as well!).

Talking to your spouse about the boundaries you both set in terms of being off the grid will also help to alleviate any possible tensions. Let your coworkers know that you’ll be harder to reach (intentionally!) and to kindly take care of any outstanding needs in the office while you’re away.

That way, your face time with your loved one will be off the screen and not on it, and you can both really enjoy that quality time away together without any distractions.

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