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Homeowners Are Up In Arms With Their Power Companies

When homeowners visit the National Solar Program’s Official Site, they may be surprised to find that a new policy in 2016 qualifies homeowners in specific zip codes to be eligible for $1000’s of Government funding to install solar panels at $0 down.

With many concerned about rising energy costs in 2016, more and more homeowners are shocked that subsidies and rebates cover 99% of costs associated with installation so it literally costs $0 to have done. In fact, in a matter of weeks you could already be reducing your power bill as well as your environmental footprint. So not only will you be saving thousands, you’ll be saving the environment.

Sarah Parker, the authority on everything related to Solar Energy replacement, set out to do some research and determine whether this new program lives up to its reputations. After several weeks Sarah was able to report back on her findings, with her most exciting of which being that she is now going to save $183.18 a month on her own energy bill, and there are many other people who have done the same if not better.

So, How Does This Program Work?

You no longer have to buy solar panels, the new policy let’s you lease solar panels for $0 down. Until now, solar panels cost $10’s of thousands of dollars to purchase and install and unless you were building a new home or had that much extra cash sitting around, the cost was more than the benefit. The solar panels had to be purchased. It was impossible for companies to offer rent or lease agreements because they would lose money.

Does this mean Sarah was being mislead by her power company? She would not say one way or the other, but the truth is pricing for solar panels has lowered drastically in the last 20 years, leaving solar panels affordable for consumers who could not afford to switch to solar power. Either way, one thing you can be sure of, however, is that your power company is not going to call you up to inform you of this exclusive program.

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