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The best times to exercise, drink, and have sex, according to your body clock

You may have heard that the healthiest time of day to move your bowels is in the morning.

And don’t even think about hitting snooze on your alarm clock, for the sake of your health.

But getting the timing just right affects many other facets of our health, too, as a recent study has revealed that certain times are better than others for everything from having sex to drinking alcohol.

Early morning is the best time to get many things done. (Photo: Pexels)

According to a survey of 1,000 people by Forza Supplements, the best time to have sex is actually at 7:30am, or around 45 minutes after you wake up.

And the best time to go for a run is — sorry again, snoozers — 7am, as experts say that doing cardio before breakfast will increase the amount of fat you burn.

That’s thanks to insulin, blood sugar and glycogen levels being lower than normal after fasting overnight, according to MailOnline.

It’s time for an early-morning run. (Photo: Pexels)

And if it takes a while to get those cogs working in the mornings, you’re not alone — apparently our concentration levels reach their peak about three hours after we wake. So if you’ve got to prep for a big meeting tomorrow, perhaps wait until 9:45am.

But get it done before 10:45am, when stress levels (and to-do lists) reach capacity, and it’s much better to relax.

To get this information, the supplements company asked participants who it considered healthy and active to report back on what times their bodies found best to engage in particular activities.

You can probably have sex at other times, too — we won’t tell. (Photo: Pexels)

Thankfully the optimum time to get boozing is straight after work at 6:10pm and four hours before bedtime, in order give our livers some recovery time.

Bedtime itself should be at 10:10pm, leaving you plenty of time for drifting off and a bit of non-REM sleep.

And if you’re prone to snacking, keep an eye on your cravings at 3:30pm — when we’re all beginning to flag at work and go after a sugar fix — and at 8:15pm, when we’re presumably cracking open some sweet and salty popcorn in front of Netflix.

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