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This Special Calendar for Kids of Divorce Makes Co-Parenting SO Much Easier

From Good Housekeeping

Though the whole process of a divorce is tough on kids, the sudden unpredictability of when they’ll see mom or dad next is one of the harder things.

Even harder? Navigating work schedules, after-school activities and the weekend grind, all while trying ensure that the kids spend enough (and equal) time with their parents. It isn’t impossible, but getting kids through the emotional hardships and lifestyle changes of divorce takes some serious scheduling skills. Thankfully, physical co-parenting calendars from the chart-making company Mighty and Bright are here to keep you and your family on track.

Photo credit: Mighty and Bright
Photo credit: Mighty and Bright

In a time when there’s an app for everything, mom Sara Olsher knew that her daughter needed something tactile and visible to fathom her parents’ separation. “Unfortunately for [kids], our custody schedules are usually kept on our digital devices, where we can reference them but our kids cannot,” Olsher wrote on Mighty and Bright’s website. “Kids learn visually. Visual aids allow children the time they need to process complex concepts.”

With weekly, biweekly or monthly layouts, the “Custody Calendar” is just that – it keeps track of who has who on any given day with kid-friendly magnets designed to keep children in the loop. If they’re with Mom on Wednesday, slap on a Mom magnet. On those tough transition days – when kids go from Mom to Dad or vice versa – magnets with both parents’ faces are there to help.

Mighty and Bright also offer a full range of magnets to help kids anticipate their weeks, including babysitter, grandparent and appointment buttons. Unfortunately, the co-parenting calendar sets don’t work for families with two moms or two dads, though, since they automatically include both mom and dad magnets – let’s hope that changes soon! Until then, build-from-scratch sets and customizable magnets exist so same-sex couples can identify, through traits like hair or eye color, which button corresponds with which parent.

Prices for the weekly calendar set start at $30 and increase from there, depending on whether you choose a magnetic backing (good for the fridge!) or the biweekly or monthly varieties. Just an FYI: all three sets are currently on sale, so if your family is struggling to finds its footing post-separation, now’s the time to act.

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