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New Home Refinance Plan Banks Don’t Want You To Know

When homeowners visit FetchARate they may be surprised to find out that they may qualify for a new home refinance plan that will lower their mortgage to astonishingly low rates.

Millions of smart homeowners have taken advantage of this brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) and have reduced their monthly payments by as much as $4,264 each year.* This program, designed to help just about any homeowner take advantage of surprisingly low rates, has banks on the edge – we wouldn’t be surprised if most banks hope you never learn about this program.

The government has announced that this program will expire in 2016 and is making a final push urging homeowners to take advantage of this program. Most homeowners will qualify for this program and the process is very simply. If you want to lower you mortgage payments, pay off your mortgage faster or get some extra needed cash out, it’s vital you act now.

A Stimulus Plan for American Homeowners

HARP was designed so that the typical homeowners can qualify for low rates, and if you owe less than $625,000 on your home, the chances of qualifying could be very high. The government wants banks to cut rates and allow the typical homeowner to take advantage of those rates which acts as a true stimulus plan for the middle class – This puts more money in your pocket and boosts the economy.

But banks do not want you to know about this program because:

This program makes it easy for just about any homeowner to qualify for low rates
You can shop multiple lenders, you are not limited to your current lender’s rates
Not a great deal for the banks because banks rather keep you in a higher rate than the low rates this program offers, but great for the typical homeowner and the middle class. Here is what we love about this program:

The average monthly savings is $355/mo.*
In addition to savings, you can pay off your home faster.
Homeowners can take extra cash for anything they want like paying off debt, home improvements, going on vacation, or an emergency cash fund.
So how do you find these low rates?

To help homeowners find low rates quickly, Fetcharate’s free service helps homeowners easily connect with lenders specifically matched to their needs. In just a few minutes, any borrower could get a side-by-side rate comparison from multiple lenders and find out what loan offers they may qualify for. The service works with lenders throughout the country to help homeowners locate the best match for their specific needs.

When you consider that Fetcharate’s service is free, there are no obligations, and it only takes minutes to complete, the decision seems pretty simple. Using Fetcharate you’ll get up to five competing loan offers by filling out 1 simple form.

Find and compare astonishing low mortgage rates.

Fetcharate is one of the country’s largest and most respected mortgage refinance comparison shopping websites. They are currently connecting smart homeowners like yourself with multiple lender offers to find competitive mortgage rates.

With, there’s no obligation and service is fast and easy. It takes less than two minutes, and comparing rates is 100% free. You have nothing to lose!

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