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Nasty Gal’s former CEO can’t stop throwing shade at the company

When customers tweet, brands respond. And apparently, so do their former CEOs.

Earlier this week, internet clothing brand Nasty Gal tried to appease a shopper who took to Twitter to broadcast her dissatisfaction with an order. The original tweet to Nasty Gal mocked a chain-mail-inspired “shirt,” which arrived without any apparent apparatus such as straps for normal wear (translation: It was just a fabric scrap.)

An eagle-eyed Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal’s founder, who left her position as chief executive in 2015, responded to the tweet, indulging in a bit of schadenfreude at the company’s expense.

While it’s easy to find examples of incorrect orders or damaged products on the company’s Nasty Gal Help Twitter page, not everyone is as convinced as Amoruso that she was the only thing keeping the brand afloat. Some Twitter users agreed the company “is a different brand” without her, but others pointed out the company had its fair share of inventory problems while Amoruso was still there.

Amoruso founded Nasty Gal in 2006 as an eBay store before launching her own site. After major investments in advertising and marketing failed to pay off, Amoruso stepped down from the company as chief executive in 2015 and eventually left her role as executive chairwoman once the company filed for bankruptcy a year later.

To be sure, employees at Nasty Gal were critical of Amoruso while she was still at the helm. They claimed she’d been too far removed, busy promoting personal projects, instead of focusing on the brand’s core issues. Since 2014, Amoruso has penned three books and worked with Netflix to adapt her story for television (Netflix canceled Amoruso’s show, Girlboss, after one season).

This isn’t the first time consumers have complained about Nasty Gal’s new owner, Boohoo, or the first time Amoruso has called out the company for its quality-assurance failures.

A representative for Amoruso declined to comment, and Nasty Gal did not respond to Yahoo Style’s request for comment.


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