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Bullied model sends message to those who labelled her ‘weird and different’

Sonny Turner is making up for her high school years in the best possible way.

The up-and-coming model is now the face of Evans, a popular plus-size clothing brand in the United Kingdom. Her photo is featured on billboards across the store. What would be an exciting day for anyone has extra resonance for Turner, who used the opportunity to send a message to the people who bullied her in high school.

“TO EVERYONE IN SCHOOL WHO SAID I WASNT S*** AND LABELLED ME WEIRD AND ‘DIFFERENT’ THIS ONES FOR U,” she tweeted alongside her photos of the gorgeous campaign. That’s one bold way to announce a campaign. The photos and their revenge-spirational message have already gotten more than 145,000 likes, with plenty of comments cheering Turner on.

Fans are responding to the power move in a big way. “Embracing your differences and showing off what you got will leave them speechless,” wrote a Twitter user who goes by Yasmine. Others are commenting to share their own experiences and to thank Turner for giving them hope for future owns.

Everyone seems to relate to this story about overcoming bullying, and fans are happily thanking Turner for using her good news as a platform to remind others it wasn’t always so easy. It helps that Turner ended up literally above the haters on a huge billboard.

One commenter responded with the joyful statement “Here’s to the weird kids,” our new motto for today.

Turner thanked fans for all the love and continued on her merry way to slay. “so many nice supportive tweets as a result of this tweet,” she wrote. “Can’t thank u all enough. Hope u all accomplish ur dreams.”

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