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Mom shares back-to-school shopping parody video from aisles of Walmart

A hilarious back-to-school shopping video posted to Facebook by a mom of three is resonating with parents across the country — many of whom are relieved to be able to laugh along with someone who understands how frustrating the ritual can be.

“Four glue sticks and two bottles of glue,” says a harried Carolanne (aka CA) Miljavacin the video, reading from a list and making her slapstick-panicky way through a Walmart aisle in her town of St. Joseph, Mo. “What do they got my baby cookin’ up in this classroom? Is the teacher a closet glue sniffer? Who needs that much glue?”

At the end of the short and thoroughly amusing video (just the quickest snippets from what she calls a three-hour shopping trip), Miljavac wraps up her commentary from the car, where she notes, “Well, there goes my entire week’s paycheck. We’re gonna be eating mayonnaise sandwiches and ramen noodles.”

The video, posted Thursday on the Facebook page Love What Matters, has more than 556,000 views and more than 2,900 shares — plus more than 4,400 comments, many from empathetic moms who were happy to find comic relief in the task.

“This is hilarious because it’s SO TRUE!!!” one shared, while another added, “I was literally just there… This lady is dead on.”

But this is social media, and so, predictably, there was also an onslaught of viewers who opted to take the parody literally before voicing their earnest criticisms.

“Before you complain about school lists please try to think of how much money each teacher [spends] not only on their classroom decorations but on more school supplies throughout the year. I have spent over $400 and school has not even started,” one advised.

Another wrote, “Why do people complain so much about school supplies?! You can look up a generic list on most schools’ websites. Buy them when they are on sale or throughout the summer. Teachers spend 10 times more out of their own pocket for your kid.”

Miljavac, who posts frequent comedic takes on Facebook and on her YouTube channel — skewering topics from motherhood to fitness routines — seemed a bit taken aback by the criticism.

“The only purpose for posting that video was just to be goofy,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “I was just at Walmart shopping and watching the other parents looking like zombies and confused, and it was just funny to me. So literally the only purpose was to make a goof about the shopping experience of back to school. It has nothing to do with teachers, it has nothing to do with who supplies what or how much it costs. It was really just to make people who [relate to it] laugh.”

Miljavac’s daughters, who are 8, 6, and 3, were happy with their mom’s shopping haul, she says. “My kids were excited about the supplies, because it meant they were going back to school. They were excited about their notebooks, excited about their pencils, excited about their billion glue sticks.”

She says that she spent around $200 on the supplies but wasn’t seriously complaining. “I like to be sarcastic and do satire about real-life things,” Miljavac explains.

“Anything that’s frustrating in life,” she says, “I like to find the humor in it.”

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