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See 8 Fashion Designers in Their Signature Uniforms

As the maker of the wrap dress, von Furstenberg knows a thing or two about women’s bodies. She, herself, prefers a printed tunic dress, which she calls a “petite valise.” “I wanted something that was easy, that I could wear anywhere, and, you know, it is easy to pack,” she told us. “It doesn’t wrinkle, and it makes it easy to get dressed, so it works like a uniform.”

Herrera is rarely seen without her white shirt. “Fashion is supposed to be for the everyday,” she said. “I have worn the white shirt since I was very young.” Herrera even manages to take her favorite design from day to night. “It doesn’t always look like a white shirt even though it is,” she said. “With trouser or a short skirt it can be worn for day and then later with evening jewels and a ball skirt for night.”
Beckham knows the power of tailoring and is often seen in menswear-inspired pieces, like a knee-length coat and smart trousers. Ladylike pumps and oversize sunglasses usually complete the look.

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