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Lush Dropped Five Mystical New Jelly Face Masks

From Cosmopolitan

Beauty brand Lush already offers up jelly products in the form of its shower jellies(and upcoming jelly bath bombs), and if you haven’t seen these babies jiggle, just take them in first:

The brand’s latest product launch continues riding the jelly train. Meet Lush’s jelly face masks, which bring the shower jellies’ pleasing bouncy texture to your face for maximum cooling pleasure.

The five new jelly face masks are all inspired by women in the company, come in a variety of types and scents, and will set you back $13.95 each:

There’s The Birth of Venus and 1,000 Millihelens, which are a fresh sea water/rose infusion and green tea/witch hazel blend, respectively:

Just to Clarify promises a glow with bamboo and papaya juice:

FOMO is all about soothing, with calamine and rose:

And Bunny Moon mixes honey, rose, and vanilla:

And while each jelly face mask is meant to target a specific problem, it would be totally understandable if you saw these cuties and decided that, like Pokémon, you just gotta catch ’em all when they drop on September 1:

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