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Protein-Packed Oreo Look-Alikes Exist – but There’s 1 Major Catch

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves, because we just found a healthy alternative to Oreos that’ll give you serious cravings. Bodylab, a Danish vitamins and supplements company that makes a slew of snacks, powders, and drinks to fuel your workout, just added a new item to its lineup – Protein O’s. Imagine a regular Oreo, but jam-packed with protein – and that pretty much sums up these glorious cookies.

Protein O’s consist of a crunchy cocoa cookie (stamped with a huge “B” for Bodylab) with a creamy vanilla filling inside. Bodylab’s cookies have no added sugar, which is a welcome change from all the supersweet desserts that flood the grocery store aisles. To top it off, these cookies are full of protein and dietary fiber – 26 grams of each, to be exact. Now that’s what we call the perfect post-workout treat! One lucky Instagram user who’s already tried Protein O’s described them as “hands down the best cookies of all protein cookies you can get on the market.” We’re sold!

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself and start pouring that glass of milk for dunking just yet, because we must confess that there are two major catches to these protein-filled masterpieces. As Bodylab is based in Denmark, the company only ships to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland. On top of that, although the cookies were very recently released, they’ve actually already sold out on the website. But if you’re planning a trip to any of those aforementioned countries and simply can’t resist these babies, you can sign up to receive an email alert when they’re restocked.

Before you sulk away from your screen, we have a few alternatives to Protein O’s that are just as tasty! You can either DIY them with this recipe for high-protein, zero-carb Oreo look-alikes or try any of our other favorite healthy cookie recipes. Or you could hit up that distant relative in Denmark to ship you a boxful – that’s an option, too.

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