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This coloring date is the most divisive on the internet

How you spend your nights says a lot about a couple, and one pair has completely divided Twitter thanks to photos of a young man and woman sharing a giant coloring book.

A Twitter user called @faithypooh posted images of a date with a table-size coloring book. The two are seen working together to color in an extra large panda bear. “Y’all call this a date?” she wrote. Clearly, Faith’s idea of a romantic evening doesn’t involve Crayola magic markers.

The photos gained momentum on Twitter, with more than 29,000 retweets and over 1,000 comments weighing in on whether a back-to-school throwback date is a good time. Some thought it was the “best date ever.” Others appreciated the logic of the plan — it makes sense to choose a relaxing activity for what can sometimes be the anxiety-ridden experience of dating.

Twitter detectives also zoomed in to determine which member of the couple was more skilled at coloring inside the lines. “All of the mistakes are on his side,” someone wrote.

Fans are also writing in to say they’ve grabbed their own coloring books and are ready to try this at home. For those of you looking for a colorful night in, the oversized books are reportedly available at Five Below.

There’s nothing like a project — and a viral tweet — to bring a couple together. We hope whoever and wherever they are, they’re still coloring.

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