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15 Pregnancy Apps That Answer All Your Questions

If you’re pregnant, you probably have a lot of very specific questions on your mind. If only your doctor had a private line you could call 24/7, right? Well, this is where a pregnancy-tracking app or two can really come in handy.

Between visits to your doctor (and/or therapist), it’s great to have another resource available to you. At their best, pregnancy apps can supplement info your doc’s given you, keep you updated on your baby’s development, and simply connect you with fellow moms-to-be who have the same questions and concerns as you do.

Like other types of health-tracking apps, there are a plethora of pregnancy-related apps out there now. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best ones available for download. From there, it’s just a matter of picking which one works best for your needs.

Click through to find the best app (or apps) for you.

Sprout Pregnancy

This app comes with all the features you expect from a pregnancy app (like a kick counter and checkup reminders), but its immersive developmental tool makes it a true standout. Using realistic illustrations, this app shows you what your baby looks like in every stage of your pregnancy, and lets you know what changes to look out for as they continue to grow.

Pregnancy Due Date & Fertility Calculator Tools

Use this app’s fertility and ovulation tracker while you’re trying to conceive, then keep it on your phone once you’re pregnant. Created by an Ob/Gyn, this multitasking app can log your overall health, count your baby’s kicks, and even calculate your due date

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown App

With thousands of tips and articles to browse (plus a search function that allows you to look up whether a change or symptom is considered “normal”), this app is perfect for the mom-to-be with a million questions. You can even upgrade to the parenting app from Ovuline (the company behind this app) once your little one arrives.

Totally Pregnant

This app is as much a health tracker as it is a hub for excellent advice. Totally Pregnant helps you log your progress, schedule your checkups, and even calculate your due date, all the while flagging tips and recommendations tailor-made for where you are in your pregnancy. For example, at about 10 weeks, you can look forward to morning-sickness-friendly recipes in the app.

Mommy Meds – Pregnancy Safety Guide

Based on years of research from Texas Tech University, this app will put your medication concerns at ease. Search a drug by its name or scan its barcode in the app to find out if it’s safe to take while pregnant. Mommy Meds even covers non-prescription drugs and vitamins, breaking down each product’s safety by trimester.


Thanks to its detailed week-by-week updates, daily blog, and clear illustrations, this app is more than worth its small download fee. But Pregnancy+ isn’t simply informative — it places a clear emphasis on your personal experiences, too.

In-app shopping lists, journals, and more help you prepare for labor and your baby’s arrival. All that, plus its database of over 1,000 names makes for fantastic brainstorming material.

BabyBump Pro

This app removes any concerns about “pregnancy brain” making it hard to recall how you’ve been feeling. It tracks your moods, appetite, cravings, physical changes, your baby’s growth, and more, charting your progress in easy-to-read graphs.

As if this app wasn’t thorough enough, it’s also the one of the most frequently updated pregnancy apps out there. Keep an eye out for the innovations that are sure to come with every new version of its software.

WebMD Pregnancy

This is the app for first-time moms, thanks in no small part to its “Pregnancy 101” page, which keeps you informed on topics including nutrition, possible discomforts and illnesses, and, of course, you and your baby’s week-by-week progress.

Beyond the straight-forward info you’ll get from this app, there are also plenty of fun features to keep you busy. Keep track of kicks with the Kick Counter, make a slideshow of your belly’s growth, and test your own knowledge with one of the 129 quizzes.

Glow Nurture

Nurture aims to keep you informed about your pregnancy with up-to-the-moment articles, reminders, and more. It alerts you to your baby’s development every day and updates the countdown to your due date. You can also use Nurture to keep track of doctor’s appointments and to log any relevant habits. If you’ve been practicing kegels, having sex, or taking prenatal vitamins, Nurture can provide you with more information about how those habits affect your health.

Beyond in-app information, you can also consult Nurture’s community forums. These can act as yet another source of info or just a sounding board for your latest success story or frustration.

I’m Expecting

This app is simultaneously super informative and lighthearted. Every week brings new videos on pregnancy and fetal development, as well as cute photos of infants that you can select as your background.

You can sync this app with such health-tracking devices as Fitbit, Jawbone, and Apple’s HealthKit, in order to get the most comprehensive view of your health that you can. And, as part of MedHelp, I’m Expecting boasts the largest health community, so you’re encouraged to post any questions that come to mind. This app is nothing if not thorough.

The Bump

With some pregnancy questions, it isn’t always clear where you’ll get the best answer. Luckily, you can pose your questions to parents andexperts on The Bump’s app. That’s not where the sense of community stops, either — users can share their progress and photos with each other within the app, too.

And listen up if you’re planning your shower: The Bump gives you access to 15,000 of the most-registered-for products out there, and helps keep track of your registries across retailers.

Baby Countdown

Though this may be more bare-bones than other apps in our selection, this app serves as a fun reminder to get excited about your baby. It’s essentially a ticking clock, counting down the moments until your estimated due date. And you can design the countdown exactly to your liking, from the background photo to any songs you’d like to attach to it.

This app is also great if your followers are hungry for updates. Simply link the app to your social media accounts and upload snapshots of the countdown regularly.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today By BabyCenter

Not only does this app track your pregnancy with timely progress updates and info on how your baby is growing, but it tracks your progress the moment you go into labor, too. With a birth plan checklist and a contraction timer, BabyCenter’s app provides you with the support you need up until the delivery.

But, similar to What To Expect, it doesn’t have to end there. You can track your baby’s first year using BabyCenter’s sleep guide, health and safety videos, and activity tips.

iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker Free

This is a great app if you’re hoping to use your tracker like a journal. List changes in your health and mood or simply record how you’re feeling each day. It’s a great way to prepare for your doctor’s appointments — which, of course, you can log in the app’s calendar.

If you’re already planning your next pregnancy, you can save and store everything you’ve tracked about this one for future reference. Your future self will thank you.

Baby Names

As you get closer to your baby’s birthday, you’ll definitely be thinking about names.

With over 30,000 names from 80 different origins, this app can be totally engrossing, even if you already have a name in mind. List your favorite names in the same place and track their popularity. Search by meaning, origin, or even by the letter you’d like your baby’s name to start with.

There is no such thing as being too picky when it comes to your child’s name.

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