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H&M debuts ‘the perfect wardrobe’ in new fall collection

Designers are showing their new spring collections during Fashion Week, but the IRL fall season is still ahead of us.

As you begin to shop for your autumn wardrobe, consider opting for H&M’s new fall Studio collection, which officially launches Sept. 14. The Studio collection differs fromH&M’s often buzzy designer collaborations as it is a tightly curated collection conceptualized by the in-house team. Of course, as this is H&M, the chic styles are made more awesome thanks to their affordable price point.

Ahead of the H&M autumn-winter 2017 collection launch, Yahoo Style spoke to Angelica Grimborg, H&M Studio designer, and Ludivine Poiblanc, creative adviser and stylist, to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection and how it came to be.

From left, Emily Johansson, H&M designer, H&M Studio; Ludivine Poiblanc, creative adviser and stylist; Angelica Grimborg, H&M designer, H&M Studio, all wearing clothing from H&M Studio AW17. (Photo: Courtesy of H&M)

According to Poiblanc, the process started more than a year ago, when Poiblanc and the H&M Studio design team traveled to Italy to explore fabric factories and research different materials. There, Grimborg says, “We fell in love with the menswear fabrics” and with “delicate satins. So we started to talk about these contrasts.”

Model Grace Elizabeth in a long double-breasted coat made of melange wool from the H&M Studio AW17 collection, photographed by Christian MacDonald, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, in Mallorca, Spain. (Photo: Courtesy of H&M)

The menswear influence in the collection is undeniable. Impeccably tailored suits, wide-leg trousers, blazers, oxford shirting, and coats make up the bread and butter of the collection. The color palette is dark and moody, consisting primarily of black, gray, white, and brown only with splashes of navy and burgundy here and there. As Grimborg points out, even with this menswear influence, the clothing is still “very feminine,” and keeps “features that make it a classic.”

In Italy, the H&M Studio team and Poiblanc began to discuss what they each wanted out of the collection. The consensus quickly homed in on the concept of “the perfect wardrobe” and what that would look like. According to Grimborg, the perfect wardrobe always consists of, “a nice pair of trousers, a nice blazer, some cozy knit, and a feminine cool dress and statement jewelry and shoes. It’s a bit like ‘power dressing.’” The Studio collection blends these essentials in an aesthetic that is very representative of Poiblanc herself, who often wears dark-colored, minimalistic tailored clothing.

Model Grace Elizabeth in a ribbed turtleneck, an asymmetrical skirt, and thigh-high boots from H&M Studio AW17, photographed by Christian MacDonald, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, in Mallorca, Spain. (Photo: Courtesy of H&M)

After Italy, the team visited New York City, where Poiblanc is based. In New York, the team was inspired by the grittiness of the urban landscape and the graffiti art found citywide. The graffiti soon became a main motif of the collection in which H&M created its own graffiti prints shown on a few of the knits, skirts, and accessories in the collection.

Standout pieces include the high-fashion black thigh-high boots, a graffiti-print asymmetrical flounce miniskirt, a graffiti-print ribbed knit, tailored suiting, and an athleisure-style black-and-navy puffer jacket.

Model Grace Elizabeth in a black-and-navy puffer jacket, cross-stitched pants, and boots from H&M Studio AW17, photographed by Christian MacDonald, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, in Mallorca, Spain. (Photo: Courtesy of H&M)
One of the graffiti-print knits from the H&M Studio AW17 collection. (Photo: Courtesy of H&M)

Ultimately the collection is tailor fit for the urban girl: “I hope the girls in Paris will love it and I hope the girls in New York will love it,” Grimborg says. But don’t be deterred if you don’t live in one of these major fashion capitals. That’s the whole point. You can still obtain that covetable urban fashion look in your own hometown by shopping the H&M Studio collection in select stores and online at starting on Sept. 14.

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