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ASOS models wear fake baby bumps, and social media is confused

Parenting blogger Louise Pentland noticed something strange about ASOS’s maternity-wear models — the “expecting” models were actually wearing fake bumps.

Questioning the online retailer on Twitter, Pentland wrote: “Dear @ASOS, why do you use models with weird fake bumps instead of pregnant models? I’m sure some are pregnant but a lot are fake :(.”

ASOS replied, “Model welfare is important to us. We don’t want pregnant models on their feet all day so we use a prosthetic maternity bump.”

ASOS said it didn’t want to put pregnant women under unnecessary stress. (Photo: ASOS)

Satisfied with the answer, Pentland said: “That makes sense.”

But a lot of others disagreed.

“That’s not giving an accurate image of what your clothing will look like on an actual pregnant woman though,” said one woman. “But plenty of pregnant women are on their feet all day — sounds like a bit of a bulls*** answer to me,” wrote another.

And they have a point. According to a 2011 census brief, more woman than ever are working throughout their pregnancies. In the 1960s, about 15 percent of pregnant women worked up until a month before their due date, but this figure has drastically increased. By 2008, more than 50 percent of women were still punching their time cards with just a month to go.

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