Beauty Makeup artist impressively adds Bebe Rexha to eye look
Makeup artist impressively adds Bebe Rexha to eye look

There are those who love occasionally playing with makeup, and others who can use makeup to create a work of dreamy art. U.K.-based makeup artist Stephanie Crow definitely falls into the latter category, as she recently created an eye look that impressively included an illustration of singer Bebe Rexha.

Crow, who goes by @stephie_art on Twitter, took iHeartRadio up on its recent call for fan-art submissions — which promised a shout-out from “your favorite artists.” The MUA promptly shared a photo of herself wearing a flower crown, vibrant shades around the base of her eyes, and an illustration of Bebe Rexha, with the tweet: “#iHeartFestival @BebeRexha all done with makeup!”

Crow’s post quickly drew comments from folks exclaiming, “Wow,” and “This is amazing,” and gained more than 1,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

Yahoo Lifestyle caught up with Crow to find out exactly what inspired her creative masterpiece, which the 19-year-old simply credited to Rexha’s eye-catching beauty. “While scrolling through Instagram, I found myself looking through Bebe Rexha’s profile,” she says. “Her images catch my eye so much, let alone the fact that she is beautiful. I found an image of Bebe from a photo shoot and I knew I had to create it on my eye!”

It took Crow nearly three hours to finish the entire eye look, noting that she is a perfectionist. She started by outlining the drawing of Rexha — something that took nearly an hour alone. Then she filled in her eyelids and under her eyes with bright, bold shades from NYX Cosmetics, which she suggested match Bebe’s bubbly personality.

To complete the look, she went back to Rexha’s outline and began to add all the finishing touches and details. “The portrait is not much bigger than my fingernail,” says Crow. “Therefore, I needed to do her facial features so incredibly small.”

For those who want to try re-creating Crow’s work, she warns it’s best to use eyeliners because the runny consistency is perfect for drawing tiny features. Or try toothpicks to really get into those hard-to-reach areas, but cautiously.

“I always use toothpicks to get the detailing as small as possible,” says Crow. “I find that even the most precise eyeliner applicator is too big but the spike on a toothpick is just perfect, although I definitely do not recommend using them near your eyes.”

Crow admits that she has grown to love Rexha and is captivated by a lot of her music. “I am so taken by her unique voice — it is so beautiful to listen to, and the way she performs live is breathtaking,” she says. “Her voice is always so incredible to me, especially her vocals in ‘Back to You.’ Her confidence and personality are so inspiring. I look up to her so much, and I know I’m not the only one.”

If you find Crow’s work to be wildly amazing, which it is, check out this reproduction of Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement by makeup artist Jazmina Daniel, which gives off similar artistic vibes. So trippy, yet crazy amazing, right?!

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