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This couple revealed baby’s sex with 1 million LED lights

A man who promised his fiancée that he’d “light up the sky” when revealing the sex of their unborn baby delivered with an epic display of hot-pink illumination.

New Jersey couple Matt Ostergaard, 36, and Adrianna Zbik, 29, were expecting twins,when the mom-to-be lost one of the babies. In an effort to make Zbik smile again, Ostergaard vowed to make the sex reveal of their remaining child an event she wouldn’t forget.

His first idea was to ask the powers that be at New York City’s Empire State Building to light up the monument with either blue or pink colors. However, he quickly learned that it wouldn’t be possible.

Posted by Kelly Marie Photography on Thursday, September 21, 2017

So Ostergaard turned to the operators of the SkyWheel, a 187-foot-tall, $12 million Ferris wheel in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The magnificent structure, named the tallest wheel in the eastern United States when it opened in 2011, is powered by 1 million LED lights and has 42 air-conditioned gondolas, according to NBC News.

And it was the perfect place to reveal that the couple was having a baby girl. “Because we had lost one of the babies, we already knew we were having a girl, but we wanted photos to share with our friends,” Ostergaard tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Posted by Kelly Marie Photography on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Zbik, who is seven months pregnant, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the couple and her future mother-in-law celebrated by riding the SkyWheel, which was lit all night long. “It was gorgeous and pink everywhere,” says Zbik. “It was something we’ll never forget.”

As for whether the couple has any upcoming elaborate plans, Ostergaard jokes, “For the next baby, I’ll light up the Eiffel Tower.”

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