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Predicting the Inevitable Kylie Cosmetics Baby Collection

The news that Kylie Jenner might be pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby has sent the internet into meltdown. While the news is yet to be confirmed by the Kardashian clan, rumors are mounting that Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter is due to give birth early in 2018.

In August this year, Kylie’s company, Kylie Cosmetics, was called a “billion dollar baby” by WWD, which is certainly apt if the current news turns out to be true. So, in the wake of Kylie Jenner’s potential baby news, it’s time to imagine the sweet moment in 2018 when the make-up mogul drops her limited edition Baby Collection.

2017’s Birthday Collection may have been pink-themed for a reason, and perhaps Jenner was hinting at the identity of her new baby (she’s reported to be expecting a baby girl)? Here are just a few ludicrous predictions about the Baby Collection, from a not-so-secret admirer of Kylie Cosmetics.

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