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5 Tricks To Walking In Heels Gracefully

Women all over the world want the secret to walking perfectly in heels (seriously—it was the most Googled question of 2015!). We’ve all seen girls (and maybe also felt like we were that girl) clomping along in heels, and know that there’s nothing that takes away from a killer outfit more.

But fear not, we’ve got all the tips you need to look utterly glamorous and glide down any sidewalk, office hallway or bar like a pro! Here’s what you need to know…It’s so simple, but choosing the right size makes a huge difference. If heels are too big, you’ll slip around and it’s hard to maintain control. If they’re too small, your toes will be scrunched up and you’ll be forced to walk quite strangely. We’ve all compromised when it comes to shoe sales, but if you absolutely must get a pair that are too big, inner soles will do the trick! “Fit” can also refer to heel height—for some people, a 4″ heel is never going to look graceful. Understand that, and opt for a lower heel that’s just as chic.Many people make the mistake of planting their whole foot at once, but this instantly gives you a clomping motion…not very feminine! Instead, put your heel down first and then plant your toes.

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