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This teen couldn’t sleep so she transformed herself into the Terminator

Tina Woods, aka YouTube’s TooTurntTina, is back at it again with some intricatemakeup.

The 18-year-old, who is beloved by her 700,000 subscribers for her unique sensibility and chill attitude toward makeup and beauty, spent Sunday night turning her human arm into a robot arm. Couldn’t sleep so I turned myself into the Terminator,” she wrote on Twitter, alongside a series of photographs showing her arm painted.

In just a few hours, the photos had over 1,000 retweets and dozens of comments from fans who love the arm art. Woods’s Terminator looks almost 3D, with eye-popping metallic veins and intricate detail. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud.

“Get this as a tattoo!” wrote one fan on Twitter. “So when are you going to become a tattoo artist or special effects makeup artist??” asked another. Someone who goes by Chrissy asked the question we were all thinking: “Can’t even draw a stick figure right how tf do you do this???” Others just weighed in with pure adulation:

This isn’t the first time that Woods has rocked costume-worthy makeup. For Halloween, she turned herself into a “female Joker” complete with a “Damaged” face tattoo and the Joker’s smile drawn on her hand.

As her fans point out, Woods used to share her artistic makeup renderings more often. Lately, her channel has been focused on fall shopping and everyday makeup tutorials.

We don’t wish Woods any more sleepless nights, but we are glad that her insomnia took a productive turn and introduced us to the Terminator.

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