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The Pros and Cons of Every Eyebrow Technique Out There | From shaping up to filling out

What it means: Hot wax is placed on a strip and applied to the skin. The strip is then removed in one swift motion taking the hairs with it.

Pros: Hair tends to grow back slower after several treatments, and the technique is fast and inexpensive (anywhere from $7 to $20).

Cons: It could be a little too abrasive for those with sensitive skin. Also, the wax strips are less precise, which might make it difficult to target individual hairs and get a specific shape.

What it means: Individual hairs are pulled from the follicle using metal tweezers.

Pros: This is the most accurate technique of all, since each hair can be targeted. Not to mention, it’s the cheapest form of removal (and can be done on one’s own…with caution).

Cons: But it works best when only a small amount of hair needs to be removed. The method requires a steady hand, some extra time and lots of concentration so you don’t accidentally grip your skin (ouch) or pluck that one long hair you meant to keep.

What it means: Individual hairs between and above the brows are removed via a heated laser. Over time–and multiple treatments–the laser damages the follicles, which then stops producing hair.

Pros: After several treatments, hair will cease to grow back in the treatment area.

Cons: The method can only be done in the “unibrow” area and above the brow due to eye safety concerns. It can also be quite painful (some say it feels like tiny rubberbands being snapped onto treatment areas) and expensive up front. It’ll set you back about $50 to $70 per treatment and requires anywhere from four to six treatments; however, the results are permanent.

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