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Did this woman fake her own death for a free LuLaRoe dress?

LuLaRoe has a devoted following, but one woman may have gone the extra mile to score a free dress from the direct sales company — by faking her own death.

On Tuesday, a LuLaRoe seller shared the wild tale with a Facebook group for fellow consultants, the entire account of which was subsequently posted to Imgur by userPinkscarf.

The seller, whose name was concealed, explained that she was messaging with a woman named Jennifer who wanted to purchase a LuLaRoe “Amelia” dress. A few hours later, she received a follow-up note (on the same thread) from someone identifying himself as Jennifer’s husband, with some unthinkable news.

(Photo: IMGUR)

“I am going through my wife’s phone,” the person wrote. “She was on the way to [redacted] this morning and was hit head on by a person texting and did not make it. This is her husband. How do I pay this bill? I know how much she wanted this and I am going to have her buried in it.”

Facebook commenters were skeptical. “You don’t think he would have more important things to do like being at the hospital, etc with the remains, instead of buying Lula?” wrote one person. Another added, “I hate to say people are liars but I don’t know of anyone who’d be worried about LLR hours after their loved one’s death.”

The seller was suspicious, so she sent Jennifer another message, which read, “Hey girl! You’re the winner of a free Lula item in my group! Congratulations!”

She received a quick reply, which read, “Omg I never win anything! What style can I choose from? I live in [redacted] so can you send it to me?”

Photo: IMGUR

The seller then confronted Jennifer, writing, “But I just saw a post where someone messaged from this profile about his wife dying? Is that true?”

Jennifer balked. “Do what? From my profile? It is absolutely not true! What group is this in? This is crazy!” adding, “My husband is at work and hasn’t even been around my phone.” She also threatened to call the police and report the incident to Facebook.

Photo: IMGUR

One Facebook commenter revealed that she knew Jennifer personally and that after she sold her a pair of leggings, the woman attempted to stop payment on her check, to avoid being charged.

One hour later, Jennifer reappeared with an update — and an arrest warrant. “I have been in touch with the police. I was hacked into and my brother that is a police officer found out who it is! They also sent [redacted] a message and if she doesn’t take this down, I am pressing charges against her. I did not message from her, order from her…nothing! It’s crazy! I wrote a police report out against the person who did this and they are being arrested.”

Someone even tagged the police department in question on Facebook and wrote, “A+ work on the Jennifer [redacted] Facebook case. Arrested within the hour.”

The hashtag #JennifersAlive was created, and one person posted a photo of the dress in question with the caption, “This Amelia is to die for.”

It must be said that there’s no proof that Jennifer is or isn’t alive — or that she existed in the first place. But it does show what some are willing to do for the perfect dress.

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