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Christie Brinkley slams ‘divisive and judgmental’ coverage of her beauty routine

When it comes to Christie Brinkley and her beauty routine, it’s not true that any press is good press. After sharing her beauty tips and routines with People magazine, she’s calling the coverage “divisive” and unsupportive for the use of words like “secrets” and “reveals.”

People published an article Wednesday in which the model details her beauty routine. The article was titled, “Christie Brinkley, 63, Reveals the Two Non-Invasive Procedures That Keep Her Ageless: ‘I Want to Look as Good as I Feel’” and asked readers what they think of Brinkley’s “beauty secrets.”

“Recently, she’s decided to opt for a little more (noninvasive and nonsurgical) assistance with her ageless looks in the form of two anti-aging non-invasive procedures: The injectable Xeomin for her frown lines and the skin-lifting Ultherapy for her neck and décolletage,” the article states. “I wondered if people would think I’m phony and fake,” Brinkley, 63, told the magazine. “But it’s better to be honest and say, ‘Yeah, this is what I do.’”

Other outlets have promoted the story using terms like “admits to” and “revealed.” Past coverage of her beauty tips have included terms like “spilled her secrets.”

Unfortunately, she now feels sharing this information has backfired. She took to Instagram to express her feelings about the coverage.

“I have enthusiastically shared my beauty tips and routines to those kind enough to ask for over 45 years,” she began a caption of photo in which she’s glowing. “So when I see insinuating words in captions referring to the #beautytips I shared… words like ‘finally admits,’ ‘Reveals’, and even referring to treatments as ‘Beauty SECRETS,’ well I believe it is a set back for all women.”

She added: “Whether you dabble or not, the words suggest that women would rather ‘catch’ someone in the act of doing something wrong, rather than just get straight foreword information. It comes off as divisive and judgmental. And it also advances that old stereotype about beauty routines having to be ‘sneaky’ or as my friend Mindy Moak says, ‘the inference of beauty maintenance as a ‘clandestine’ activity has a real Paleozoic ring to it.’ I think today, it’s all about women supporting women. And with science coming up with myriad …interesting ways to take care of our skin, we’re all sharing our experiences with each other. Passing Judgement about other women just makes one look old fashioned. And since I’ve been around since the Paleozoic Era, I’m old enough to know (I just don’t want to look it !),” she concludes.

Brinkley’s fans have been extremely supportive. “Hear hear!! Well said,” one wrote. “You are such an inspiration, thank you,” wrote another. “You are a Hero for all woman! Brava!!!” gushed a follower. “Perfectly said & I could not agree with you more. Thank you!!!!!”

“[K]eep spreading your ray of sunshine; we will ignore the haters,” wrote one commenter. “Well said, Christie! We’re all sisters with the same need to love and be loved. Thanks for your honesty.”

Most fans, ourselves included, are just happy to be clued in to how she always looks so good — although, some of it is just that natural Brinkley glow.

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