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Hilarious themed photo shoots are making these dogs famous

In a world where you can put your dog’s face on a bathing suit, it’s no surprise that pet owners get extra excited around the holidays. But this woman takes dressing her dogs in seasonal wear very seriously.

“Every month my aunt has a photo shoot for her dogs, and it’s the funniest and cutest thing ever,” shared a Twitter user who goes by Alex. Thanks to the photos of the monthly looks she included along with her post, the three pups pictured in each holiday scene are getting social media famous. 

Try to spot the dogs in the first picture, a Halloween scene that includes everything from a witch boiling in a cauldron to a friendly Frankenstein. The pups are dressed as ghosts in classic white sheet costumes.

The Halloween shoot. (Photo: Alex/Majesticalexa)

For Valentine’s Day, they’re draped in red and pink beads and surrounded by hearts. (Shout-out to the dog on the left who is definitely over his heart headband.)

For Christmas, she’s draped them in garlands and added reindeer horns and Santa hats. Best of all, she has the dogs decked out in sombreros and ponchos for Cinco de Mayo. This woman is clearly a regular at her local Michael’s.

The photos are going viral (dogs + costumes + holidays, how could they not?), and Twitter has fallen in love with the very well-dressed dogs.

As much as we love the festive pups, we have an even bigger question: How does she possibly get her dogs to stay still long enough to snap these pics?

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